Pictures From The Blast From The Past

Hey everyone, the Blast started out very sadly with Mr Handcock passing, but the day had to go on. I believe he was honour the whole day by Joyce and her crew putting on a great show!!!

I was able to take some picture during the day. I have added them to my Fotki page for anyone to see. If anyone likes any of the pictures you can use them as please.

I did add some pictures from other people as well and hope that’s ok. If anyone like for me to remove them just let me know.

Ricky thanks to you and your friend for donating the cars to Cush Revette and Gordon Lee.You guys did a great job for sure.Thanks for being there and all you did from all of my staff and myself.People like you are what makes us want to do another one next year and yes,we will have another one next March so stay tuned for coming event news.I love each and everyone of you.You are all the reasons I need to get it done. Joyce

ricky great pics love the past makes me a kid agian back when racing was racing nothing bought all built in a back yard shop thoses were the days thanks for sharing :ernaehrung004:

I love your pictures Ricky. One of these days I will get mine on the computer to put them into a gallery for everyone but just haven’t yet. But love your’s and it was really nice finally meeting you again. Saw you last year at Columbia but don’t think we really introduced ourselves then but we did at Citrus. My son loves your cars and wants you to teach him one day. But thanks for the great pictures and for being part of the Blast from the Past.

Jane it would be cool to show your son what I know about model cars.

The other two guys there with their models can build some really neat stuff. Love how Randy, who built Cush’s model, makes those dioramas and makes the cars look old and rusty and Mark’s models he runs wiring for the gas line and the plug wires. He does real small detail work!!! He also has a friend that hand letter his cars that is awesome.

Joyce, I don’t know what we have to do to get them East Bay boys to come to the Blast. Maybe hog tie them LOL

Only one driver other then Will Cagle that I know of showed up, Sanders is his last name I forgot his first name. He and I had a great talk.

Johnny and Tommy Gamble showed up. Both of them raced at East Bay in the late 70s to early 80s with Johnny driving for my dad during that time period. But they raced mostly at Ocala, Inverness, Lake City and Volusia in their racing days.

However Tommy did say he was building a new modified for this year for dirt.