Orlando FAST photos

Are now posted at the link below. My apologies as I had to temporarily remove the inaugural photos from Citrus due to a problem but I will reload everything on Thursday and try again.


Does everyone like the layout or do you have suggestions on what you would like to see? I can’t promise anything since I do my own webwork but I will try. Thanks and stay dry!!

[SIZE=“5”]Cool shots at Orlando Racnphotos68!!! [/SIZE]

Yes good shots Mike. If you can Mike please PM me and let me know where I can get that software or something simular. I want to put it on my web site. Thanks Bob…

Thank you Model. I appreciate it. And FL, I will PM you.

great pics. i keep having to figure out ways to explain to my boss how super lates are work related. haha.

The winner of the race probably cash in more money than the track owner, judging by grandstand attendance…I’ve seen practice days with more pople