It's official

To me that is, this site officially sucks. I’ve held on as long as possible but the message board and the rest of the site isn’t what it used to be. The staff has turned into dictators who have LESS media talent than most of the actual public, so, with that said and pending my soon future banning i will just say it was fun while it lasted…to all my buds on here, farewell, I’ll just have to surprise y’all by showing up at the tracks back home from time to time…

Harry C Brown

AKA The Mule.

Hey Harry…

check your PM…


C U on the other side!

I can’t believe this is still on here. Bye Bye!:frowning:

I honestly am very surprised that it is as well… I hope Jack is doing better…

Have a great day all…



The new “in” thing must be trying to get banned. TFF :rolleyes::anim_buttkick:

The board is what it is because someone wrote -

"I know many many drivers and fans who will not come on here and post because they dont want to be insulted. they cant even promote their own teams and sponsors because of retaliation…BUT they (thousands [U]of people [U]) always READ the board… "

I wonder where all those people are? Sure is exciting around here - NOT!

HA HA HA…I say “It is what it is”

C ya on the other side.

OMG we are going to have to close the board down! Enjoy the other side…Happy Trails to Ya!


Cool, just give me 5 minutes to copy a couple of phone numbers down from my pms. You all screwed up and we WHINED about it and were basically told to piss off this is the way it is.

I think I started on the old board in 03? maybe 04?

close your eyes

take a deep breath, smell the fuel burning as cars go around the track, food cooking at the conession stand, people lined up at the gate waiting to get in. Some of you all aren’t saying this board is being run like some race tracks in Florida, are you? In other words, not alot of fuel burning, not alot of food cooking and not alot of people waiting in line to get in.

That’s what it sounds like their saying to me!