Is there any interest in this !!!!

[SIZE=“3”]I am working on something you all might light so I will throw this out and see what you all think.
Sometime in June or July I would like to put together a reunion of all age drivers .From beginners to my favs the 60 and over crowd. Don’t miss understand I love everyone of you I just relate to the older crowd because I am older.
Let me know your feelings on this asap because I would have to start working on this right away.
You can call me or email me. Thanks, Joyce

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa…too much racin’ and will probably be too hot or rain.
One ‘reunion’ a year is enough for me.:sport009:

One question.

Just how deep do you think that well is?

Too much of a good thing can kill it.

The two Blast were well received… I’d leave it alone and go for #3

And I would suggest a stronger effort to make it a “Total Blast”, start early letting everyone know it’s for Ass-fault and Dirt Drivers… we’re all in this together… I grew up with the ass-fault, but learned the dirt is exciting stuff… I go to and enjoy both now.

ONE BIG BLAST INCLUDING BOTH - (and I’d suggest Ocala for the location as it’s been both dirt, ass-fault and now dirt again… hell, it’s dirt over ass-fault at present)… and for you dummies out there, I know how to spell ass-fault, its asphalt or sumthin lik dat.

Thanks,for the response And I will consider your imput and not waste my effort .Thanks guys and gals