Here is the link for this week's race stories and results

I like it Jane. Bob…

I second dat vote…nice and easy.
Now that wasn’t hard, was it??

It’s the same link that has been on this board since it began. If it wasn’t so hard what was all the whining about?

Thank you Jane!!

Maybe I’m just too phucking stupid to even be here…
Never went to the home page before all dis chit started. Now I don’t have to.
-UNK-(like admin)

Exactly right “admin”…

If it was so easy to provide…what was all the whining about? What took so freakin’ long to attempt a compromise?

Take a drive down that two way street sometime…

IMHO…I don’t like it. It’s not at all what the majority of the people wanted. It was pretty much made clear that people wanted to go to the front page when, and only when, they wanted to. Not because they were being forced there by someone holding the posts they wanted to read hostage.
I, like most people who responded…oops, I mean “whined”…way back then, feel like the stories should have been left alone on the message board so people could respond, critique, question, rant about, goof on, praise, tear apart, disagree with, agree with, relate to and basically just enjoy without being shoved into a room they didn’t feel comfortable in?

How would you like it if you wanted to read the latest Speedway Illustrated in the bathroom but found out that they moved the toilet out into the dining room. Or better yet that they hid the toilet somewhere in the house and you had to hop around and find it in the dark. And when you finally did, well, you just didn’t feel like reading anymore so you just said, “---- it”.

Well said OJ, that is EXACTLY word for word what I was thinking…

Admin, you just don’t get it.:mad: NOBODY WAS FUCKING WHINING, THEY WERE TELLING YOU WHAT THEY WANTED TO BEGIN WITH. But wait, “membership is higher then its ever been”

geeze, guys, one click and it’s all there. you wanna discuss, start a thread.

So does Andy not post reports ANYWHERE anymore? I saw him at NSS Saturday…so I thought that he was still working for the track writing reports…am I wrong or is he just not putting them on KARNAC…or was he banned for some reason…or has he gone to the darkside with all the rest???

inquiring minds would like to know…