Gordon Lee - Blast II Hardware Delivered

[SIZE=“4”][B]To Ricky Smallwood (ModelcarMan) & Joyce Lankford ?

I just wanted to let y?all know that I got your mission(s)
accomplished Saturday (yesterday) morning via
hand-delivery of the Oldest Driver Trophy and
hand-crafted model of Gordon?s #123 Ford Torino
Late Model to Gordon Lee.

As you were aware, Gordon & his wife Pat were
looking forward to attending Blast II a week ago
but an unplanned event interrupted their plans
at the last minute and they couldn?t come.

Then of course y?all entrusted me to deliver the goods
which I was able to do yesterday at a weekly gathering
of a partial representation of the Largo Mafia which the
Lees and yours truly attended.

Need not I tell you Gordon was duly impressed by
both gifts and was very tickled to receive them.

Here are a few shots of the event for the record.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the
pics but remember, I?m a dirt guy,
not a photographer.

Ricky at the Blast II with the model of the #123 Ford Torino
Late Model he made for Gordon.

Gordon with Ricky?s Model of his car.
(Awesome job as usual Ricky!)

Gordon with the Oldest Driver Trophy from Blast II Ceremonies.
(Thanks Joyce!)

Gordon with both pieces.

Attendees going counter-clockwise from the left:
R.M. ?Whitey? Wescott ? Brian Wescott?s father.
Richard Gay ? Gay?s Automotive, Ulmerton Rd., Largo
Kenny Faircloth - My Brother-in-Law & former owner
of the FOUR Late Model
Ron Tribby ? Former owner of Tri-Hall Trucking Company.
Pat Lee ? taking Ricky?s model out of the box.
Gordon Lee ? Driver of the G.E. Lee #123 Ford Late Model

Thanks to both of you for helping to make this event so special!


We were honored to give it . It was well deserved.Looking forward to number III next year and hey lets make sure to invite those guys at the event where you presented the gifts next year .LOve too have them .I know a few of them were past racers.
Thanks Jim for a job well done and thank you for being our interviewer for the blast. Great job !! Joyce

Sweet that’s an awesome trophy!!! :slight_smile:

And thanks Jim for delivering the model to Gordon and Pat for me!!!
I don’t care what anyone said about you during your racing days, you’re one nice guy!!!

Nice model Ricky. are you going to Eastbay this week?

I don’t care what anyone said about you during your racing days, you’re one nice guy!!! [/QUOTE]


You mean to tell me that the ?Bottle & Cans Thru The
Fence From the Grandstands? reception I got back in
the day at Winter Haven, then again at Lakeland, was
actually a show of affection & appreciation??

Heck, here all this time I had the whole thing figured
out Bass-Ackwards!

(Note to Jeff Gordon that the Fan Reaction Deal at the
2004 Aaron?s 499 in Talladega was not what he thought)

BWAHAHAHAHAH?..talk about fans sending a clear message.
I guess it?s the same at all levels.

Anyway, thanks Ricky. It was great seeing you at the
Blast II and look forward to the next time man!


I don’t care what anyone said about you during your racing days, you’re one nice guy!!! [/QUOTE]

Should have been there Ricky… It wasn’t pretty lol… you did miss the greatest days of racing for sure… and to this day… I can’t believe this Fenton is the Fenton of old… I am so impressed with his writings and all his input…who would have thought???

(But, I still wouldn’t buy a used car from the guy LOL)

Thanks Gary!!! I don’t know if I’m going or not. But if I go I’ll be in the wheelchair/party-deck section. Look me up if I’m there :ernaehrung004:

Jim - I just thought the fans where aiming for the trash cans next to the fence.

OSF - I saw alittle of the hay days of old at the Gate, Sunshine etc.!!! I was just one of the little kids running under the grandstands…when my dad would let me!!! And boy do I miss them fearsly!!! :huepfen024: