Owm 50 Lapper At Desoto Super Speedway Sat. Mar 20th.!!!

:ernaehrung004:Desoto Super Speedway will have a 50 lap OWM race sat. night. Desoto has the highest bank short track in Fla., let’s see if the drivers are up to the challenge of the fast and exciting action. We had a great turnout of cars two weeks ago, so let’s do it again. There will be a $50 entry fee and we will run 8" Hoosier treaded tires. The payout is, 21 or more cars, $1200 to win, 16 to 20, $1000 to win, and 15 or less will pay $750. Please call for pit slabs, 941-748-3171. We will qualify for starting spots, so just how many of you owm drivers are ready to take on the HIGH BANKS of Desoto Super Speedway?

Some things change

Bobby e-mail me rick_anges@yahoo.com

Somethings Change…

Your exactly right things change everyday. Mr. Gene Davis on a different note though ive met you twice in the past year when we came and ran modifieds and you seem like a great person that cares alot about racing, and racers, and your right desoto is the fastest short track that ive ran besides SGMP. My question to you is… and im not trying to stir no shit… im just being straight up… 3 tracks within 80 miles of desoto (charlotte,citrus,and auburndale) are on american racer tires. I had 5 drivers ask me saturday at Citrus if we were racing this saturday at your track (cooper, mcdaniels, bookmiller, etc.) I said i had a prior commitment a barrel race to attend with my wife and daughter, but no i wouldnt be going because i just purchased 4 tires at Citrus. what im getting at is i know that race tracks generate income from tires, but would you rather have more cars to put a show on? i spent $1000 to race last saturday night and people just dont have the money to spend in these economic conditions. i also brought 14 people with me and they were all pit passes. so i do think that there is a balance between tire sale profit and spectators. Just something to think about sir…

                                                            thank you
                                                            T. Carreno

p.s- john jr. called yesterday, ive had phone issues for 3 days. Would you please have him call me back all numbers i had were deleted.

John Jr # is 941-345-2546. Hope this helps. Sorry you can’t make it this weekend. Thanks.

tony i’m glad you said that because same problem

three tracks run same tires and i think one just started ,

i have been saying it for a while it takes a thousand dollars to get to race track .i got two cars one has been on jack stands covered up in garage

the other one is on jack stands covered up in garage beside trailer

both were ready to race last night guess what i stayed home
look at the money i saved . i spent three dollars me and wife ate some pop corn had glass of tea

we watched bristol race did i have as much fun — no but i ain’t wore out i don’t have to spend half day unloading cars cleaning out trailer

and i still got my money in my wallet racing is going to have to change or there are going to be lot people staying home i know my 19 people did not go — one did sneak off and go to east bay thou :smilie_bett: