No More Mini Stocks At Ocala

It is just a matter of time before ocala speedway drops the mini stock class if 5 or 6 cars are all that shows up to race. After all dirt tracks drop this class where will we race. If you want a place to race this type of car we all need to get to the track and improve the car count. If you are coming soon call the track and let them know before it is to late for this class. This is not a tire / weight debate as there are no tires avalable as of now, this is a show up and work it out post soon there will be alot of mini stock cars parked in Florida, want mine cheep… Paul Combast 19…

Only four showed up last night at OSW and just six last week at Auburndale on asphalt… Not sure if Volusia is even going to run them this year… Hey, Paul, maybe you outta put together another Mopar Late Model!!!

I don’t know if it’s the same kind of class but East Bay had 29 4 Cylinder Bombers that started last night.