To Much Excitement!!

Had to leave NSS Sat night, too much excitement. 5 trucks finished, 5th about 10 laps down. 3 E-Mods running when I left, 2 for the lead, 1 half a lap down.

This is the main reason short track racing it’s dieing out in Florida!

But the bigger news from what I hear was the 11 DQ’s. At’s 25% of the cars there. Now will that start to bring in more cars there DO follow the rules? Or will this just close NSS faster?


there was a time when I would of said following the rule would of led to better car count, but it’s been going on for so long I don’t know. I believe in the long run it would increase the car count but it won’t happen over night. If the track intends to do right all of a sudden they have to expect to pay the price and give it time. I sincerely hope they will.They have overlooked the rules for so many yrs i KNOW it will hurt the count in the immediate future. Now the rich Daddies probably will take their marbles and go home too, so who will be left? You come out with rules 2 weeks before the races and kick everyone out for not following them, of coarse count will drop in the immediate future. I will fight for rules enforcement all day long but any rules changed significantly 2 weeks before racing starts there should be at least a 1 race grace period, “Change it before you return” Any old rules from last yr, DQ them!. maybe a letter should of been sent out during off season to everyone thet raceed last yr, and an announcement put on the web page, that said “This yr, 2010, you better be legal, NO EXCEPTIONS” a 1 race warning will be passed out on rules infractions from new rules in affect this yr, rules from last yr, no warning" Point is, you need to potty train the baby, it doesn’t happen over night. My bet? It will go back to what it was before. But i am encouraged to see the rules being enforced, I’m tired of dumping $ in peoples cars only to see them blown away by big money cheaters. No more!!! Nice going NSS, a step in the right direction, now lets see if it holds up.

i agree with Tunaman 100%

talking with hundreds of drivers for many years, they all say the same thing. Keep your rule book up to date and ENFORCE it to the letter. The most important thing is that the flagman and tech uphold the rules and that the rules are the same for EVERYONE… this is the word i hear from all of the drivers…“C~O~N~S~I~S~T~A~N~C~Y” ! I dont see that happening consistantly… :wink:
of course people will complain… but in time if the rules are enforced and fair to all, then everyone will settle down and we can get on with good racing. Florida racing needs a complete overhaul because several of our tracks are in trouble. especially the asphalt tracks.
I see each track trying but theres too much conflict between them. The drivers and fans suffer and in the end it is the tracks who will pay the ultimate price. Just my opinion … would love to hear some more…
carolwicks oz

I have to say, that allowing the tech to enforce the rules last night is promising… And I do believe that it will help the car count, but it will take time…

yes , very nice . what i did see that needs improvement is when they got a little backed up with the late models they rushed to catch up and just eyeballed the sportsman real quick . even if they have to stay late or get backed up they need to give the same tough tech to all classes . and as we can see the rules for strictly stocks arent being enforced .

Things sure looking good at Auburndale though… 116 cars in the pits and only the Bandoleros and Kids Club had low counts which is normal…
Great show too… just which my voice would have held out… I hate trying to announce with a chest cold…

[QUOTE=ancrdave;44552]Things sure looking good at Auburndale though… 116 cars in the pits and only the Bandoleros and Kids Club had low counts which is normal…
Great show too… just which my voice would have held out… I hate trying to announce with a chest cold…[/QUOTE]

That’s great Dave…but what does this post have to do with the DQ’s going on this past weekend at NSS?:sprachlos020:

Dude your thread started out…

…about how bad you thought the show was. The DQ’s jumped the thread not Dave.

backed up??

42 total cars?? MMMM, what were they doing?? How many tech guys??

oh lord!!!

now we’re all a bunch of thread jumpers!!!:slight_smile:

my turn

The bottled water at CMP was nice and cold.

one , jeff sutcliff . took some time to tech the four classes before the sportsman due to all the dq’s . had late models , sportsman and mini stocks all lined up at once at the tech area . plus the interuption from the chaos on pit road after the super stocks . hes doing an awesome job and everyone better get em right this year ! show up legal or your going home with your tail between your legs .


u guys are too funny… so why dont we start a new section called the thread jumpers. it sure would be busy… :wink: love the humor tho.
carol aka OZ

i heard two

Goes to show you cant believe everything you hear. I heard Tim was teching also. NO, I’m not trying to start something, I HONESTLY did hear that.

Tim Brown is going to be the assistant tech guy.

All I can say is you guys are right about what there trying to do .but this is the second week of a new rule book that didnt clarify some things.the carb, on sergies late model was the same carb. we run four the last few years in limited"s,but at speedweeks they thew out alot of guys with this carb.than said its ok for the new season because there are alot of them out there.the carb. is good to the gauge today,but They have a different gauge if your going to run fascar with a limited you need a new carb.its called cheatin still I know.the trucks well they all were 1/8 low but thats 5 7/8 not 6 so again cheatin.but hey it is what it is.I hope they have some legal cars left to race,I know there trying but we"ll see…

too strict??

I don’t really know. Lots of ways to look at it.Carb, "They “said” its ok, but what does the rule book say? This has been the problem all along, book says one thing, someone calls someone and is told it’s o’k. This is whats been wrong. So far i havent heard of tech being over ruled , thats good. How can anyone respect Tech when special exceptions are made or the tech is overuled? As far as height I feel 1/8 of an inch is a little bit picky BUT on the other hand i also feel ride heights are a little like the seat belt law, I hate wearing them but its the easiest ticket I know of to avoid. When I helped on a truck I made blocks 6 1/8 high. I figured if we were 1/8 high that alone probably wouldn’t send us from 1st. to last!! As lots of people learned 1/8 too low will send you from first to last in a hurry!!