Thank You Miller Motorsports

I just got off the phone with my good friend Shane Miller, Congratulating him for their first feature win with the Ace behind the wheel at 5 flags. Were were discussing the Jack Smith Fundraiser on April 17th at Citrus County, Shane stepped up to the plate, just like he did for the Eddie Brann Memorial and has donated 500 dollars for 5 laps THANK YOU SHANE it means alot to the Smith Family.

T. Carreno

p.s. we still have more laps available ppl


sure he sends the check to me and the lap #'s he wants. im keeping a record of every dime in a folder. thanks

Shane Miller is a hell of a nice guy and I was glad to see Joey “The Ace” Aguilar get Shane a well-deserved victory.

I agree…

Shane is so generous and kind. His gift is appreciated !
I also agree about Joey. Sure was good to hear about him being in the winners circle. WTG Joey!
Some good racing this week. That darned Jimmie J just cant seem to lose. like him or not, he can sure race a car and he has an amazing crew! Just wish Tony won instead.
carol aka OZ