Bad Wreck @ Legends Race - Bristol

[SIZE=“4”]For those that didn?t catch it, there was a horrible, hard-impact
T-Bone wreck in the waning laps of the Legends Race last
night at Bristol between two veterans Charlie Glotzbach
and Larry Pearson.

Both were knocked unconscious with Pearson being airlifted
to the nearest trauma center where he underwent surgery
for his injuries.

The Wreck

Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery to both drivers.

those pro cup cars haul the mail Bristol. they go faster than cup there

that was a bad wreck glad he did not get hurt worse

i doubt they will be having any more after listening to darrell and some of the others

for one they should have had more than five minutes practice in car and they knew when they put the tires on car that were on them they were going to be hauling asssssssssssssss what did they think those guys were going to do

drive like miss daisy those cars ain’t built as safe as cars today are and harry no gloves and open face those guys were getting it on

congratalations to bartow florida rick wilson did good job holding off phill parsons he should not have been out there any way to young

[SIZE=“4”]Yep, according to the commentators, both the first & second
place cars (Rick Wilson & Phil Parsons) were matching
times equal to the 15th place NNW series car in the event
just prior to the Legends Race.

These guys only had a 5-lap warm-up prior to the green
flag so that ain’t bad for the geriatric crowd in my book.

The fires are still burning (lots of chatter) on other forums
regarding the safety (or lack of) on these cars & drivers.

I for one was surprised to see open helmets, no gloves, etc.
before the start as they were being buckled-in which made
me wonder if they were still in Nomex suits or even if they
had Hanz restraints.

As you might imagine, NASCAR started distancing themselves
immediately after the incident by being sure that everyone
knew this was a non-NASCAR sanctioned event. [/SIZE]

we’re they on the bfgs

[SIZE=“4”]Yep, they were on BFG’s.[/SIZE]

I seen that larry pearson had a compound fracture to his ankle underwent surgery, fractured hip, and fractured wrist. i hope he gets well soon.

those pro cup cars haul the mail Bristol.
From what I understand, those aren’t Pro Cup cars; they’re regular Late Model type cars - 2,800 lbs, offset, probably more like a Late Model Stock Car that they run in those regions of the country. But yeah, that was a vicious hit right in the left front/driver’s door. Doubt there was much that Chargin’ Charlie coulda done differently, though; Larry just slid down the banking and then right in front of him. Charlie didn’t have much time to slow down and react.

I saw on one of my other message boards that they should probably rethink running this race at Bristol, and bring it back to the quarter-mile frontstretch oval at Charlotte. My thinking is that this type of race should be run on the Winston - ooops…my bad… - Sprint All-star race weekend.

[SIZE=“4”]Yeah, Larry definitely caught the bulk of it.

I am friends with and have been in communication
with the Glotzbach family a few times today and
can say that it was a hell of a hit for both men.

I haven?t asked the question yet because it would
be inappropriate at this juncture but I would wager
that neither one of these drivers has had a hit this
bad back when they were in their prime.

I also think it would be a safe bet that both the
venue and the format for this race will likely
change in the future.

O.K. then, leave it the way it is

its fine

the way it is. I would rather watch the old guys that could drive a stock car that you could buy on Monday then these so call kids that need all the help they can get from todays race cars. Watching the old timers is like watching doo wop singers on pbs. They may not sound as good as they once did, but they bring back great memories. leave it alone or start your own stuff.

I think Martinsville would be a better venue for the older cats…I heard the announcers say before the race that the cars were 200 lbs heavier this year but had 150-175 more HP…who made that decision??? PLaus half the cars blew up because they have to turn them to many RPM at bristol,