Blast from the past!!!

The video from the blast from the past is done. If you would like a copy they are $10 each and you can respond here or call me at 941-737-5857 or e-mail at I have to render it yet but I’ll have copies tomorrow. Thanks Bob…

[SIZE=“4”]Yo Bob,

Received my copy of the DVD on Friday
and played it back this morning.

I?m no video production guru but I thought you
did a awesome job putting this together!

I laughed out loud also at the ?Hot Rod Lincoln? background
audio during a portion of the stills at the beginning. I know
it’s a Hokey song but I thought it fit here pretty good.

I discovered there were many details I didn?t retain
while doing the interviews (probably from the pressure
of the videographer giving me the ?wrap it up? sign from
behind the camera every time I turned around.) :aetsch013:

So it was pretty cool to run back through and listen
to the stories, input & advice from such greats as
Cagle, Brack, Dumont Smith as well as accomplished
local racers, Jim Brinkley, Sr., Jim Gray, Ronnie Rohn,
Billy Bechtelhiemer , Jim Higginbotham, etc.

I also learned a lot of additional track historical
information that I wasn?t aware of from the interviews
with Jack Donahey (Sunshine, Citrus, Eau Gallie,
Melbourne, etc.), Jim Gray (Sunshine & Citrus)
and Carroll Lewis (Citrus, Ocala & NSS)

Thanks again Bob.

Great job in my book!


To Fenton Thanks For Help On Super Modified

Listen Bob I Need A C-d Send One Wife Will Send Money Fenton If You Get A Chance Call Me Going Pm My # Ok

Hey Ron!

SHHH! don’t tell Jim I forgot his post… I’ll get you one in the mail today Ron. Bob…

Blast from the past video

Bob…I want one for my brother-in-laws upcoming birthday of 4/29, which by the way was Earnhardts…even same year! Need your address again and price. Let me know if you still have my particulars.
Nancy Rowe