nss this weekend

lets take a pole of the local drivers that will be at nss lets see how many we can get to come

im afraid not many at $35 pit entry .

I am hoping more than what it sounds like… It would be a great night to race if they came…


Hey Straight-up. What about the grandstand, $20. Heck thats only $100 for a family of 5!! That shouldnt be hard to do for someone unemployed or bringing home $300 a week right??

yep , i agree . not to mention strictly stocks for a support class ? those guys cant afford $ 35 . to race for a trophy ? only 4 or 5 are showing up as it is . i could see raising the price to $12 dollars if you got the full weekly show plus the 200 lapper . and the local weekly racers should get in the pits for their regular weekly price . its not like their purse is gonna be increased . plus its a non-points nite so whats the incentive to pay more to compete ? let the asa or whatever they are calling themselves this year pay their own way , not on the backs of the locals .