where are the procup updates at with several drivers in procup? Why don’t amyone talk about? Nasse took a hard I was told by a driver there

You mean

Wow, schedule is already up along with pit ticket prices and info. Nice to see it this far ahead.

Just wish they had some cars… Remember when the Hooters Pro Cup used to send 10-15 cars HOME after qualifying? Now they are lucky to get 20 cars period…

This was posted on Speed51:

Stephen Nasse is ok after a hard wreck at the beginning of Saturday night’s Pro Cup race at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA). Nasse was transported to a local hospital as a precaution after the wreck, but did not stay the night. He was checked out for a possible head injury, but did not have a concussion. His biggest injury was a sore knee. On Monday, Nasse told that he is fine, but disappointed that he didn’t get to show how strong his racecar could have been after qualifying on the outside pole.