CCMP will bring out the KID in YOU!!!!!!

It will bring the KID out of YOU!!!
[SIZE=“5”]“BUDWEISER” Fan Participation:ernaehrung004:
YES!!! THE BUD is back!!!
For the over 21 year old kidsFor all the KIDS
It’s EASTER!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Mr. Bunny Rabbit will be at CCMP to give out the Easter Baskets!!!

Plus he has a special Egg Hunt!:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024:[/SIZE]
April 3, 2010

Budweiser FAN Participation:ernaehrung004:
Outlaw Modifieds
Juniors Auto Trim Road Warriors
Coors Light Pro 4
Covenant Auto Recovery Fab 4
Mountain Dew Mini Cups
Pepsi Mini Stocks
Palm Auto Mall Figure 8

So come enjoy the Hopping Good time at CCMP. It will bring the Kid out of you. Gates open at 4:00 and Parade Lap at 6:00!!! For more info call 941-575-7223.


“Ricky Bobby” Diehl[/SIZE]

Last week?

tell about last week or where we can see it please


Not sure what you are looking for but here is a link to results of last week has car count if that is what your looking for.

Overall it was a great night of side by side racing


Easter IS NOT about a Bunny!

Damned Pagans!

“Easter celebrations were held hundreds of years before Christ was born as festivals of spring honoring Eostre, the great mother goddess of the Saxons. This name was fashioned after the ancient word for spring, Eastre. The goddess Ostara was the Norse equivalent whose symbols were the hare and the egg. From this comes our modern tradition of celebrating Easter with eggs and bunnies.”

I think they beat us to it…celebrating Easter.

But, from a Biblical perspective…“Easter” has NO meaning.

From a personal perspective, I understand what you’re trying to say…However, The Passover is not about Easter nor a bunny.

(Wednesday Bible study dismissed)

Lets open the Wed nite bible study!

Quacker if I understand what you are saying, I beg to differ with you. Christ was born 2010 years ago and the pagan celebration you speak of was in the 1600’s. So Christ preceeded it by some 400years. Easter is a hebrew word for the pass over feast. I have included some info below. Althouigh its long I couldn’t say it better. If you care read it good, if not I tryed.

Anyone encountering anti-Christian polemics will quickly come up against the accusation that a major festival practiced by Christians across the globe?namely, Easter?was actually borrowed or rather usurped from a pagan celebration. I often encounter this idea among Muslims who claim that later Christians compromised with paganism to dilute the original faith of Jesus.

The argument largely rests on the supposed pagan associations of the English and German names for the celebration (Easter in English and Ostern in German). It is important to note, however, that in most other European languages, the name for the Christian celebration is derived from the Greek word Pascha, which comes from pesach, the Hebrew word for Passover. Easter is the Christian Passover festival.

] Symbols
A celebration with ancient roots
The usual argument for the pagan origins of Easter is based on a comment made by the Venerable Bede (673-735), an English monk who wrote the first history of Christianity in England, and who is one of our main sources of knowledge about early Anglo-Saxon culture. In De temporum ratione (On the Reckoning of Time, c. 730), Bede wrote this:
In olden times the English people?for it did not seem fitting that I should speak of other nations’ observance of the year and yet be silent about my own nation’s?calculated their months according to the course of the Moon. Hence, after the manner of the Greeks and the Romans, [the months] take their name from the Moon, for the Moon is called mona and the month monath. The first month, which the Latins call January, is Giuli; February is called Solmonath; March Hrethmonath; April, Eosturmonath ? Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated “Paschal month” and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance.
The first question, therefore, is whether the actual Christian celebration of Easter is derived from a pagan festival. This is easily answered. The Nordic/Germanic peoples (including the Anglo-Saxons) were comparative latecomers to Christianity. Pope Gregory I sent a missionary enterprise led by Augustine of Canterbury to the Anglo-Saxons in 596/7. The forcible conversion of the Saxons in Europe began under Charlemagne in 772. Hence, if “Easter” (i.e. the Christian Passover festival) was celebrated prior to those dates, any supposed pagan Anglo-Saxon festival of “Eostre” can have no significance. And there is, in fact, clear evidence that Christians celebrated an Easter/Passover festival by the second century, if not earlier. It follows

Good Sunday School Class–

And yet, CCMP races are still sponsored by Budweiser that evening. Go figure.


hmmmm isnt this 1010 AD? that means after the death of Christ. He died at age 33 so … We celebrate the renewed Life of Christ on Easter. The resurrection… Does it really matter what we call the day? Jesus was NOT born on December 25, 33BC BC is before Christ… but every Christian celebrates his birth on that date. I dont think the dates are so important. whats important to Christians is to never forget Christ was born, died for us, and was resurrected to be with His Father in heaven.This is what Christians believe … I am not trying to convert anyone and surely not insulting anyone but I THINK i am right on this one. If not please set me straight. Most Christian children at a certain age know what Easter and Christmas are about but having fun with 2 joyous holidays including the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus is alot of fun bringing families together. as long as we know in our hearts what the true meaning is then i think its ok to have egg hunts and look forward to a fine meal with loved ones. Whats really important is what we believe in our hearts and minds and how we treat each other. How we follow God’s commandments which are basically rules that should be followed anyways… Everything else is about “show” and God is not impressed with “show” …
carolwicks aka OZ
Just an opinion guys so go easy on me… i know i am simply a “woman” rofllllllllllllllll