Let's Get Some Life Back Into This Board - Unusual Driver Names

This place has been so fricking dead lately… Let’s have some fun…

Let’s start a list of drivers with unusual names that you’ve heard of or seen race… famous or not…

I’ll start with three and photos of two of them…

  1. Sy Coe… this was not his real name but he was one of the characters that raced in S. FL many years ago…

  2. Dudie Babey… One of many NE Modified drivers from the 60’s

  3. Ridge Sink… Can’t find a photo… not even at the archives… He was from Jacksonville and ran a few Dash Series races…



Jim “Smoker” Smolinski

From Naples Speedway

Wampiss Wallsmacker,I pitted next to him m,any times,he was always LOL

How about a great open-wheel driver…Sleepy Tripp

From long ago Gober Sosebee from Dawsonvile, Snowball Derby winner Friday Hassler, Coo Coo Marlin. Lake Speed.

Late '70’s in the midwest, not joking, I watched Duke-Bob Casagrande, and Dink Sink.

How about we add car names?

Bugs Stevens’ “Woodchopper Special”


winston cup drivers jerry jolly and jocko maggiacomo.jerry ran only five races last one in 1984.jocko was in the accident that ended both their careers.jocko’s father also named jocko ran motorcycles,midgets,modifieds, and sporrts cars.

Lucky Brown…

I raced against a guy at Hialeah named, “Lucky Parker”. Orange #93 street stock. Looked like a pumpkin. (The car, not him.) One night he finished in the top 5 and the inspector came over to him and said, “What’s your name?” He replied, “Lucky”, and the inspector said, “Not tonight, your DQed.”
Another SS guy, “Shorty Guptill”.

Y’all remember Carl Butts from Golden Gate? However he was one of the drivers kickin butt on the track!!!

anyone remeber ?

Any one remember Crunch Crouch from Golden Gate ?:smilie_abcfra:

Now that you mention it.

I heard a story about one of the Flock brothers driving the Daytona beach races with a monkey in the car with him.
The monkey’s name ?

Jocko Flocko

Who do you suppose they were mocking ?

The World Famous JOCKO FLOCKO!


Here’s another - Spider Ensinger

Spider Ensinger - 1975.jpg

Not really but…

DB Hogwaller, East Bay. Buck Skinner, East Bay. JC Hogjaws East Bay. All the names are made up, but those are the names they go by.

Lets see …

Skip Rockie - drove streetstocks in NY at Five Mile Point, also there was a mini-modified driver named Barry Bottoms and another of my long time favorites from Penn Cann speedway in PA …Lumpy Snots

say it aint so!! i knew skinner’s was made up, but hawgwaller? man!!! i just can’t believe it… the things you learn…:sprachlos020:

[QUOTE=Rick Anges;44922]Lucky Brown…

ole lucky… he’s got to be 105 by now!lol he was 90 when i raced at desoto in 89…