Great Local Raceways(for guys only)--

For all you racing fans out there who enjoy bonding with your drunken pals amidst the steady steam of a group piss in a urinal trough, throughout almost all local short tracks all around, this old-type of thing has go.
The misting from it is getting old, and some even miss the hand washing part.

While the rest of the hallowed bathrooms of local short tracks should be going through plumbing renovations, there are a few Raceways that actually don’t have troughs, and they are pretty decent; Orlando Speedworld, New Smyrna, and Auburndale come to mind. The great Daytona Int’l Speedway, as modern as it is, still has troughs to this day, go figure.

Meaning that total strangers will have full visual access to your junk while standing shoulder to shoulder, and you are taking care of your business.

Apparently, pissing in a trough is as much tradition as the local racing action seem to be.

:sprachlos020:Only you,Roger, could come up with this analogy…

Sooooooo which do you prefer?? Columbia pit side has both, for your enjoyment…:huepfen024:

Can’t stand to God-Awful misting anywhere, who can?
GeeUm–I prefer the back wheel of my SUV in the grass filled parking lot, myself.
But there still has to be some plumbing renovations out there, somewhere–at these local Raceways.

Best Bathroom

:huepfen024:Several years ago we had the opportunity to go to Martinsville Speedway. So I am with all these women, my wife, my buddies wife and my 2 girls. We are watching practice and it comes time to go pee.

I go and take care of nature’s business and I come back to our seats all excited about the great adventure in the bathroom that I must tell my buddy about in front of all the women.

At Martinsville you get to pee on the floor!!

You go in the bathroom and there is nothing but a concrete floor, around the peremeter along the wall is a recessed area about 2 inches down and 12 inches from the wall, you stand there and deliver!!

Of course the women didn’t get it.

I personally despise the troughs, and I give kudos to Ocala Speedway for getting rid of them. I believe Ocala has probably the nicest bathrooms of any local track in Florida, and I’ve heard many a fan say the same thing.

The only thing at Ocala that I don’t like is the men’s room in the pits, particularly the three urinals mounted so close that three grown men can’t use all three at the same time. I dunno who engineered that deal, but they must have been either extremely skinny, or it was a female who did it as a cruel joke.

Yea I just experienced them saturday ,really dumb. Desoto has good bathrooms also. and in pits too.