To Everyone!

There are so many thank yous to be mentioned regarding the awesome show of love and support for Jack Smith!!!
Critter! You are such a kind man… we could not have done any of this without your help. The people at Citrus County Speedway are the warmest friendliest people ever. Phil Schryver… thank you for doing so many little things people don’t even know about. You have been so helpful. Thank you Tony Monaca too!!! Tony and Cheryl Carreno!I will get back to you later in this post!
Linda Grimms…you are so kind and generous. The layout of food was soooooooo delicious! Ribs, chicken, pork, salads cookies…etc etc… Thank you so much. The donations at Lindas dinner came to about $200!!!
Andy Sandall… thank you so much for making the trip so you can write about the evening! You are so much fun.
Robert Howell & Bob Culbertson… because of you we can have all the memories of the evening in photos and CD’s! I understand all the proceeds are going to Jack and his family. What a lovely generous gift! Thank you both so much!
Bill Green… your words about Jack and all he’s done thru KARNAC were very inspiring. You made him look real good!!! hahaha Just kidding. I was moved by your feelings for your close friend!
Now heres a thank you i mean from the bottom of my heart!!! When the chips are down and someone is in trouble there is a group of people I would always have on speed dial. These people give of their hearts and they give generously. They never say no… I have so much love and respect for this group…no matter how hard it is for them, if someones in trouble and we need people we can count on these people. They are ALWAYS ready… THE OPEN WHEEL MODIFIED drivers and their families!!! I love you all so much it hurts… :wink: I can never thank you enough for making all this become a reality … TONY & CHERYL… your generosity and your love are hardly matched.You make it all seem so effortless but I know it isnt. Not to mention the fact that you guys give us some edge of the seat action every race! Thank you so much!
Now a little extra about Citrus County Speedway…Friendly staff! Delicious food! Clean restrooms, Hard working crews that get the job done fast! a very organized program that was done before 11! I got home at 1:35! The track is interesting too! Very professionally run… My second trip just makes me want to go back!
To all the people who bought laps…THANK YOU! To all who sent generous donations! THANK YOU! To all the drivers who showed up and all the fans…To the track owners who collected… CCMP, OCALA, AUBURNDALE & CITRUS!!! God bless you all! Thank you and God bless each and every one…
The total of all collected was a little over $4,000.00 !!!
Please keep Jack in your prayers. He still has a long road ahead…
Carol Wicks aka OZ


Was so happy to see old friends… Virginia and Jim Higginbothersome! (Higginbotham)… you made my night really special! Andy,got to meet straight up whos real name is Jeff, My darling Rex Hollinger who is gonna get a beating next time I see him… said i have a heart as big as my … roflll. if that were true i wouldnt be able to walk! The Checkered Flag Sprint drivers, Wild Child, Don Reem, My dear friends who i adore Mr. & Mrs. Barfield, Daniel Webster, Robbie Cooper, Keith Butler Gary& Mark Gimmler, David Slawiak and all the other CFS drivers… David Slawiak showed up with his 2 dogs. One was a HUGE ferocious looking Pit Bull… is there any such thing as a pussy bull? roflllllll such a nice dog and he was with his partner in crime…a tiny mini pin! such a cute combo! The pits resembled a humongous family gathering of friends, children and lots of dogs! AWESOME! OH! one more thing…WAYNE… I LOVE U !!! nitey nite…

awesome nite at citrus ! glad i finally got to meet you carol ! had a great time and met lots of nice people , to many to mention ! great racing and for a great cause ! i will be back to citrus alot this year .

Just a quick note to let people know that the pictures from Citrus are now on my site. They are watermarked but it has to be that way.


was great meeting you too! hope we meet again. I too was impressed with Citrus and looking forward to going back… have a great week…
carol aka OZ

yes Jeff it was nice meeting you. we;ll see you at a track some where soon. Make a trip to CCMP sometime. Bob…

I am very happy for Jack and Cathy that the fundraiser turned out so well. Jack is a good person going thru a hard time and I am sure the money will help alot and all the prayers and love he has received. I am sorry Carol I did not make the benefit like I promised Jack I would but when you have no gas, the car won’t go if you know what I mean. But my heart was there with you guys and thank you to everyone for caring about that long haired hippie I call my friend.



we all know and understand your position. No one knows better than Jack. No need to feel bad. Have a happy day and give Alex a hug for me.