Some Old Photos From Volusia

  1. Lindbergh Howard - 1974
  2. Homer Williams - 1976
  3. Donnie Lewis - 1974
  4. Bob Bradley - 1970
  5. Ed Meredith - 1976

1974 - Lindbergh Howard takes a Hobby Stock win (Don Bok Photo - Berry Collection).jpg

Donnie Lewis takes a win in 1974 (Don Bok Photo - Buzzy Berry Collection).jpg

A 1970 win for Bob Bradley (Buzzy Berry Collection).jpg

Great photos Dave.

The third photo looks like Roho Sims. The B.B. Decals on Ed’s car was Buzzy Berry’s first racing business. Thanks for the memories.

Great pictures Dave!!! Homer Williams Chevelle looks like a fun model to do one day for me???