Open Wheel Modified Race May 1, At Auburndale

This Saturday Night, May 1, 2010 Open Wheel Modifed will be running as usual a 40 lap feature. This race will pay extra because somebody donated money for 1,2,3,4,and 5th place finishers. This weeks winner gets $800, instead of $600 and the next 4 places get an extra $50 each.
2nd place -$450 -instead of $400
3rd place -$350 - instead of $300
4th place -$300 - instead of $250
5th place -$275 - instead of $225
There is no entry fee because this is a regular race. If you did not run the previous race the week before, you start behind the winners of the previous race in the heat. You race yourself into the feature starting position.If you need further information call Rex at 863-287-4344

now this just sounds wonderful wow we whippee

so if you have trouble with your car and can’t get a new crank fast enough or get your engine back from machine shop and miss a race .

just tough shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt start in back and watch pole car and next 7 cars follow the leaders

and then you wonder why no one travels to race open wheels yeah you had 17 cars what are you gonna do when the othe 10 or 12 cars get tired of running last or getting in wreck trying to get to front and you only got the three or four that runs up front ever week show up

and ever body else stays home well guess you could cheat they don’t ever check any thing on them no pg run what you brung i have watched for last 4 weeks i see what they check --------------------:huepfen024:

They P&G’ed the Mod’s Saturday.

thanks we were not there good to know

talking about starting on pole we don’t do good drawing pills usually get around 290 to 400 we ain’t got any luck drew pole about start of season bought set 4 new tires drove off in corner leading race left rear went flat

car turned side ways guy behind us thought they was racing for million dollars and drove tru left rear :smilie_bett:are we having fun yet