Motocross Star Dies

[SIZE=“4”]I know this is not a Motocross Board but
this young man was a racer just the same.

Motocross Star Dies in Practice Lap[/SIZE]

After racing motocross for 7 years before ever sitting in a stock car, I always knew it was a dangerous sport and you could get injured very easily, but you never expect to see someone killed. Those guys amaze me with what they can do with a motorcycle nowadays. Never cared for that freestyle crap though. That’s where I would have thought someone would get killed.
Anyway , condolences to his family in the time ahead.

[SIZE=“4”]Yeah, I hear ya.

As you well know then being an ex-rider yourself the big
threat to those guys is primarily head / neck / spinal injuries.

What?s really amazing to me given the heights and distances
they jump (I?m referring to Motocross / Supercross racers,
not Freestyle riders) is that there?s not more incidents of severe,
life-changing type injuries.

Having the GOAT for a Nephew gave my wife and I the
privilege of meeting many great up & coming riders early
in their careers, some of which went on to be superstars
in their own right like Clint Bowyer, his brother Andy, etc.

However one that sticks in my mind that had a life-changing
injury early in his career was Ernesto Fonseca from Costa Rica.

I remember being so impressed with ?El Lobito? as he was
called when he first became friends with Ricky well before
he came on board Team Honda with him.

He had been staying at Ricky?s house and using his private
practice track for some time when we met him.

What a great kid, so mild-mannered and polite in person and
then to go out and ride like the Tasmanian Devil on the track
was a sight to see.

Unfortunately, Ernie sustained a spinal injury while practicing
in 2006 that ended his career and left him paralyzed.

If interested, you can check out his bio HERE.