Huge fundraiser for the late DENNIS BOYD!

just talked to Dennis’s long time friend David Dabilious (SP)who is very frustrated about his plans for a memorial race for Dennis Boyd! I have thought for a long long time about Dennis and wondered why he isnt being honored by the racing community in a tremendous way…he was one of the gentlest, kindest soft spoken men in racing, not to mention how hard he worked on race cars all over the state.
So with that said I would like to help DD38 plan a huge memorial race for Dennis on the weekend of his passing… Feb. 18th or 19th…2011…
We will have a fundraiser in his honor to aid children thru The Covenant House in Ft. Lauderdale. These people are dedicated to helping kids who are homeless or need a loving environment. Kids forced on the streets. check out their website…… Dennis loved Jason and his little girl in a huge way so I think he would love this charity. Jason agrees.
I will do some research and get back to you with a game plan.
Any ideas please feel free to call me at any time…941-629-7451 or email me at
Thank you so much!
carolwicks aka OZ

i titled this "huge fundraiser for… in actuality it is a huge fundraiser for the covenant house in loving memory of Dennis Boyd! sorry i goofed… :wink:

Is there any way to have his memorial race next year during Speedweeks at NSS? If I remember correctly, wasn’t he coming home one night from the races during Speedweeks when God called him home? (I may be wrong, please correct me, but nicely). It is just a thought…

I would like to see him honored since he was a wonderful man and a great neighbor.


call me… 941-629-7451