V8 Road Racing Series To Challenge Vir This Weekend

Few road courses anywhere, have the character, history, high speeds and technical challenge of VIR, the beautiful circuit on the banks of the Dan River, just outside historic Danville, Virginia. Some thirty ground pounding V8 racer’s are expected this weekend for the North Carolina Regions
Al Fairer Double SARRC event. Some of the “local” talent will prove to be double tough on this challenging course. Racer’s like Scott Murphy in
his GT-1 Corvette, Ron Fariss , Bryan Dobyns, Kenny Liesfeld and Rob Moriss in their GTA rides, Steve Epley in his V8 GT2 Z06 Vette, and Phil Soucy in his V8SPO Grand Prix should give the “furriners” from Georgia, Alabama and Florida all they can handle. With good weather expected, look for
the V8 Series track records in all four classes to be in jeopardy. Both Dave Machavern and Scott Murphy are capable of resetting the GT-1 standard,
Epley already owns the V8 GT2 record and looks to be even faster this year. Bryan Dobyns has the GTA mark, but there are several car and driver
combinations capable of eclipsing his 2007 run. Soucy and his Pontiac will have to deal with V8 SPO fast guys Paul Breehne and Lee Arnold.

For more information on the series check out www.v8stockcar.com


Lee Arnold: V8stockcar.com Impala, 18* small block chevy, HAMKE chassis, ex Boris Said, Ken Schrader

Charles Wicht: GT-1 Monte Carlo, SB2 SBC, ex Kevin Harvick Sonoma winning
Southwest tour car.

IMSA, Trans Am Icon, Gene Felton, ex Reed Sorenson Dodge

Saturday’s Winners:

V8 GT1: Dave Machavern #26 Heritage Motorsports Corvette (Riggins Chassis)

V8 GT2: Steve Epley C6 Z06 Corvette (stock tub)

V8 SPO: Lee Arnold, # 0 Chevy Impala (Hamke chassis)

V8 GTA: Kurt Roehrig Roehrig Engineering Chevy Monte Carlo (Howe)

Why does it say Monte Carlo across the windshield of the Lee Arnold car?

Lee Arnold: V8stockcar.com Impala, 18* small block chevy, HAMKE chassis, ex Boris Said, Ken Schrader

Picture is from last year. He re-bodied for this year. same Hamke chassis.

Also: Machavern’s Corvette was built around 2004 for South Florida’s Gary Smith. It is powered by a Lozano Brothers 331 ci SB2.

Steve Epley’s V8 GT2 Corvette is a tweaked stock 2006 Z06 Corvette LS7 427 ci. makes 500 hp to the wheels. Very, Very quick for such
a nearly stock car, weighs 3300 # plus to boot

Lee’s V8 SPO car is about 2900# with a 650 hp 18* motor, freshened by Progressive Racing Engines

Kurt Roehrig’s V8 GTA that won yesterday at VIR, started life as an ASA Delco car, Kurt re-worked the main hoops to accomodate the ABC type
body. This car is capable of setting GTA track records anywhere. Powered by a Schwanke Racing Engines injected LS1. Incredibly quick despite
having just under 500 HP. Kurt a Veteran of IMSA Camel GT, Grand Am, Trans Am, and Nascar Trucks is a pretty good shoe as well.

Sunday Winners:

V8 GT-1: Dave Machavern Heritage Motorsports Corvette (Riggins)
V8 GT-2: David Rankin Rankin Racing C4 Corvette (stock chassis)

V8 SPO: Paul Breehne Danisa Ent, RouschYates Perf Parts Fusion (Hamke)
V8 GTA: Kurt Roehrig Roehrig Engineering Monte Carlo (Howe)

New GTA track record by Kurt Roehrig 1:59.5xx