Went To Bowman Gray

Took a few days of vacation and took the chance to go to Bowman gray Stadium to see what it was for real. Left on Thursday evening. Found a dirt track on Friday night called Carolina Speedway ( 1/2 mile high banked Dirt) Races started at 8 run 11 heats and 6 features by 10: 30 pm. Very good hard fast racing. Made it to Bowman Gray on Saturday. Sell-out crowd lots of cars in all clases but the racing is not all that impressive. The drivers do bump and all and talked to the people from the show and yes it is for real with the rivalary and all but I will say this I do honestly believe i could take 4 or 5 modified drivers from down here like Robbie Cooper, Wayne Jefferson, Travis Roland, Ritchie Smith and go up there and clean up. The guys from down here just wheel the cars alot different than they do there. Had a great time though and everyone we met at both the race tracks were extremely nice and friendly.

Mike Wilson #68

how many people did JR. Miller spin

He spun the 17, tried to spin the 17 and 83, he maybe wishes he left the 17 alone cause after he got into the 17 the 17 then spent 10 laps not even trying to pass him but he cranked him sideways in every corner.

he spun the 17 tried to spin the 11 and 83 and it was the 11 who kept hitting him. Sorry for the misprint

Bowman Gray

Did they have any camera crew there for taping madhouse season two?

In talking with the Flemming family and the Myers family this is what we was told about season 2. The head of broadcasting for the History channel hates stock car racing and he wanted the show killed but was under contract to show 1 season. That is why the show was put on a 11 pm timeslot with no re- runs during the week. Speed Channel wants the show but History owns the option for season 2 and the Speed was not going to pay what history wanted for the rights. So there will be no filming this season but the 2011 season will be filmed. Some of the changes that are supposed to be made are is that it will show more racing and less of the time leading up to the races. Also I must say we met the Myers , Flemmings and Junior Miller and each of them although they may not like each other are very friendly and dont mind setting around talking “racing”. There practice is at 9 am - 1 pm on Saturdays and we was there then and got to meet them without alot of people around. Each group offered us drinks invited us into there haulers to talk and were really nice people.

i would like to go watch modifieds race at bowman gray once

i think our guys could beat there socks off them , at citrus or auburndale . the only part i have not figured out is doe’s the car up front have better brakes going into corner or the car behind the front car just don’t hve any brakes at all

there seem’s to be a brain failure on the ramming kinda reminds me of bumper cars when

i was 8- 9 years old at fair some one could make a good weekly show that a lot of people would watch if it wsn’t so red neck

i wonder how long jr miller would last down here take twelve of our best open wheel drivers from all over florida - and take twelve of bowling gray drivers and run three nights at auburndale and three nights at citrus and put them on 8 inch american racers don’t time trial draw pills

let have at it bet you would pack the stands :maybee let fans vote on who races ::sport009::sport009::sport009:

This is kinda odd also in that they always qualify but other than the 200 lapper to start the year they never start heads up by quailifying. Like Saturday they qualified then the entire field pulled a pill for starting spot. I think they qualify every week because this is a very nascarized track. Same with the bumping, If you are 2nd and dump the leader as long as you keep going you keep your spot just like in Nascar. It is an expierence to go there setting with 20000 people around a track that is a true college campus track and football field. Has a very rock concert feel to it and the place just blows up whenever a Myers or Miller hits the track. I will give the fans credit in that they are very into there racing. Also the guy that did the radio show " Bad Brad" also races there and at one time worked for Billy Martino from the old Lakeland Speedway days.

From watching it seemed “ethical” to bump a guy off the corner, but “unethical” to just drive in deeper and pound on him. Seemed like they weren’t near as angry if they got hit coming off the corner, which as a racer I can kinda understand…
I was wondering though, did the drivers or teams from the show mention if/how they were compensated for having camera’s following them around all season? I assumed they would be getting pay of some sort…

It was an interesting show, I wish they would have shown a lil more of the preperation it takes to race at that level and less of all the drama. That would help show some new comers to our sport that the races are normally won or lost in the shop, not on the track, and not by leaving your car on the trailer all week…

We were told by everyone involved with the show that they did not get paid for being on the show, although being on the show was how Junior Miller got the R & L Transport sponsorship. It is the same sponsor that Matt Kenseth had in cup a couple of years ago. Junior said the guy seen the show and Junior got a call the week after the 2nd show aired and the guy told him he wanted to sponsor him.