YAHOO to our past homeboys!!!! (TRUCKS)

WTG to the driver of the #51 Craftsman Truck! ARIC ALMIROLA! This is Aric’s first win of 55 starts. He won it after being 2 laps down! SO proud of you Aric!
JAMES BUESCHER was second and JUSTIN LOFTON a respectable third!
RICKY CARMICHAEL had his best finish SO FAR with a 4th. place finish . I feel a win coming Ricky. With your competitive nature and need for speed, you will win!!! Todd Bodine finished 5th…
Awesome truck race and congratulations to the top 5 drivers of the Dover 200!!!
carolwicks aka OZ

Yea I like that win too. Mario Gosellin got a whole bunch of airtime on that show for his spomsor:ernaehrung004: Some on this board said Aric couldn’t drive.

Aric was one heck of a modified driver and it did show. Then he went Super Late and did a good job there. There are always people who don’t like other people and that is just the way it is. But Aric has always been a good guy to me and I am sure he would again if I saw him. I will never forget his modified race at Ocala when Raymond Vann tried to kill him and end his racing career but Aric did not let that get to him and went right on racing.

Congratulations Aric on your win. Hope you have many more in the future!!!