Racin' Jason leaving PGS

To all the drivers and fans at Punta Gorda Speedway, formly known as Charlotte County Motorsports Park, I regret
to announce that I have decided to resign from the speedway. It was not an easy decision, as this has been my
home track since opening 20 years ago. I would like to thank all the drivers, fans, go-karters and fellow employees
over the many years, that have made my job so enjoyable. I will miss every single one of you and I would like to
wish Mr. Chase and Mr. Williams the best of luck with your new business. I will still be in the racing business,
and will be announcing at the Hendry County Motorsports Park for Ken Kinney Jr.

Sinercerly, your announcer,


Jason Beckner


Sorry to hear that jason. Your one of the best in the state. Good luck buddy. Joe Winchell


Thank you joe.

I am also sorry to hear that Jason. Me and my videos are going to miss your enthuiasim on tape. You sure added a lot to my productions. Utube ain’t never going to be the same.I enjoyed working with you these last 3 or 4 years. Good luck bud. If there is anything I can do call me. Bob…

Jason I was very honored to be able to work with you over the past few years it was great and a lot of fun. I know the fans and drivers will miss you dearly at the track but has your freind I understand. Good Luck in the future and if you even need anything give me a call.

Your freind

Gary Laplant
813 313 8741

thanks bob

Bob its been alot of fun buddy. Anytime you need my voice its your my friend. ANYTIME,

thanks Gray

Thank you Gary you have been a great boss and you have been a great friend. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family, I just hope that some day I can return the favor.

Man Jason I am going to miss you. I have enjoyed working with you for the last 2 seasons

hey jason

Does this mean I am going to have to come and race at Hendry Speedway now!?

Hope to visit you in the winners circle again soon.

Randy Spicer

P.S. Just don’t call me old man… haha

Jason- I will really miss you at the track. There will be no-one to harrass me about running a TQ on ONE wheel anymore! We have been friends for many years and I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me. It was great putting together the 2010 TQ Midget Winternationals. If I can help you out in the future with anything, ( you know what I mean) let me know. Ken Kinney is a great man and I hope things go well over there. I hope to see you in the Winner’s Circle one day at Hendry.

Call me sometime!

Geoff Styner

Wish you all the best Jason in your future endeavors. You made the whole Crackermotorsports team enjoy coming and racing at the old CCMP . Very funny announcer that has alot of knowledge, you always did an excellent job.

Mike Wilson #68

Thank you all

Thank you all so much you truly dont know how hard this was for me. I will miss everyone there, but im sure we will all still see each other now and then. From the bottom of my heart thank you and Im so sorry that I had to do this.

What A Loss

Who am i going to kiss if i win a p.g. Jason you will be missed

Thanks doug

Thanks bud I will miss you guys too. I’m sure you will find someone to kiss.LOL!