Rick Day in the Hospital

Rick Day was injured tune in for the details on tonites show.

wow that sucks . hope hes ok and gets better soon !

Which hospital?

I missed the show. What hospital is he in?

they didnt say which hospital . maybe if you can get ahold of joyce she might know . if you find out anything post it here or there ok ? i believe her # is on the website .

Call in the morning

I’ve got his cell number. I’ll call him in the morning and let you know what’s happening.

thanks ! if he answers that will be a good sign !

Iwas told that he fell from his house and has got a broke knee,broke leg,and broken hip bone


Sorry for all your pain. Hope you are back on your feet and well again soon. Cant keep a good guy down long huh? you are in my thoughts and prayers!
carolwicks aka OZ

Rick Day update

OK, here’s the deal with Rick. He fell coming out of his shed at home. He is at South Florida Baptist Hospital in Plant City. He has a hairline fracture in his right leg, his left knee socket and his left ring finger are both broken. They do not know if he will be released before Saturday and if he is, it’s unsure if he will be at the track Saturday night.