Punta Gorda Speedway Tires

8" Treaded Goodyear tires will be available Wednesday 5-26-2010 for purchase at the speedway for $106.00 each plus tax.

A treaded Goodyear Road Warrior tire will also be available for purchase. This tire has the same tread pattern as the 8" tire with a long lasting compound. They are all the same number tire no separate right/left. Stagger can be achieved with air pressure. The cost is $85.00 each plus tax. You will also be able to run your DOT approved tires. Both tires are competitive with one another. We do know the cost of the DOT tire so we wanted to offer an alternative tire for reasonable price.

Thank You,
Punta Gorda Speedway

Tracks making it tough

OK now the modified guys who race different tracks such as ;

punta gorda…goodyear

will have to have three different sets of tires or purchase tires to race.
The modifieds are a very good class with a lot of cars out there . Gentelmen you will not get a car count like citrus until you give people a reason to come race. A different treaded tire all together is not the answer. Hell you should have went to slicks that may give some of those cars out there a reason to load up and come down. I honestly hope you still get a good car count and curious to see what happens on the 29th. I beleive you will be the only local track running mods

Wow, all this controversy over tires!
owm53: I feel your pain IT SUCKS!
naranja: I guess you got your answer about tires, probably not what you wanted to hear though.
crobinson: YOUR RIGHT racing is on its ASS
mrabney: you should run for president, and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one coming soon
ss82: i dont know kevin but he probably didnt know at the time he sold you those tires that they were going to good year… if he did… Uh OH!
wre11: thats terrible that you got 4 stickers and nowhere to go with them, maybe you can contact american racer and ship back to them… might be worth a try, Good Luck!

Now heres my 2 sense… this is a discussion board right! ive never met this guy kevin, one of the owners, right? They say he used to be an open wheel modified racer, i think that the tire issue could have been handled like this… the track was selling american racers when it opened this year with bobby and gary at the helm, maybe he should have finished out the year on those american racers, seems how the people that were supporting the track were on those tires already! and if goodyear had a better deal… so be it! theres always next year! but it’d have to be more than a champions jacket! Its a shame that you had auburndale, citrus, and charlotte finally on the same tire program… as far as goodyear being $106 compared to $114 american racer WHIPPEE! goodyear probably has a freakin warehouse full of 8in treaded tires, because no one i know in the state of florida is even on them! and as far as being better than the rest hoosier, american racer ext… they all pretty much seem to suck! but look on the positive side… i think he has a great payout structure, hes cut his grand stand admission 50%, parking spots 50%, and i hope they cut the concession stand prices. Also, last time i was there 4 burgers, 4 fries and 4 drinks were $40. thats a bit steep! no wonder those cats didnt want us cookin in the pits! well, ive BS long enough… good luck to the new Punta Gorde speedway and i hope to get down there and check it out soon.


Put The Modifieds On The $85.00 Tires

jg72 i know you mean well and i’m not trying to be

a smart a$$ i have no idea what an 88 dollar tire is and i do know that you are probably are trying to save 8 or 10 dollars . i don’t know if you own or have ever drove and open wheel modified either

i do know they haul a$$ they don’t weigh but around 2400 lbs and up little avearage price between 10.000 and up some probably over 20.000 there is not a lot of car there and they are built about as safe as you can build

an oversize super go cart and ever driver that drives one drives it balls to wall so when he dives off in corner wide open he needs it to stick .

the only thing attaching that car to the race track is the tires
there fore the tires are the key one of the most important factors

i don’t think there should be any short cuts took there . i also believe that the owner of the race track has the choice as to what kind of tires he is going to run at his track .

just like i believe that if i race at citrus - and auburndale on american racers it.s my choice if i come to punta gorda and spend 1400.00 on tires 300.00 for fuel and 125.00 fuel for hauler thats my choice :smilie_bett:

I don’t know all the answer’s.
Some car owners think slick tires is the answer.
Easy way to fix tire spin.
As far as a smart a$$ i can be but we all can be at times.
I been around racing in the tampa bay area all my life 47 years.
1987 A-DALE F-8 CHAMP.

good now that i know who you are and you know

what you are doing - what is the tire you are talking about what is it a harder compound 8 ‘’ threaded tire and will it last longer and will it hook up did you run them … on your sportsman

we have slowed down traveling and thinking about just running dirt in street stock and parking the open wheels see ya