#2 is #1 !!!!!

WTG KURT BUSCH!!! All Star winner and Joey Logano sure makes us proud. seems he isnt on Mark Martins love list tho…He came in third!
carol aka oz

I agree!!

[QUOTE=carolwicks;45995]WTG KURT BUSCH!!! All Star winner and Joey Logano sure makes us proud. seems he isnt on Mark Martins love list tho…He came in third!
carol aka oz[/QUOTE]
Love em or hate em, no-one beats the Busch brothers very often on a re-start. I know i will take a bashing but they are 2 of the best drivers out there. I didnt say they are my favorites but they are 2 of the best. Although they are 2 of my favorites. I respect driving ability.

[SIZE=“4”]I agree that both Busch brothers are very talented.

In fact, like I?ve said before, I think Kyle could put a grocery
cart up front if you put a motor and a steering wheel in one.

However I just can?t get past the blame game with him.

It?s always the other guy?s fault.

They keep saying he?s changing, getting more mature,
blah…blah…blah but just get him fired up over something
and out comes the same egotistical, self-centered SOB
he always was.

My Gawd?.he couldn?t even take his DQ graciously in
the pre-race Pennzoil Ultra Victory Challenge when the
pit reporter jokingly said that since he hit the wall twice
the judges were considering giving him an automatic DQ
for next year?s Challenge with his reply;
?GOOD, than I don?t have to fool with this sh _ _ any more.?

THE INCIDENT with his teammate Hamlin last night was a
typical example of pass the buck. I?m no Hamlin fan but
this is clearly a take-no-prisoners type of race where
there are no teammates but further, teammates or not,
there was no contact between Hamlin and Busch here.

As far as I?m concerned this was Busch?s fault entirely.

Busch?s radio transmission to his crew after the incident
is a pretty typical response.

Busch?s Post-Incident Radio Transmission.


hamlin did squeez him


Yes he did but in this race, 2nd pays 0. Hamlin did absolutly nothing wrong and lots of drivers would of done worse. I agree about Busch’s mouth, but if he said nothing he would not be competitive. Some people have to vent, others hold it in and then explode. But they both have as much or more talent as anybody in NASCAR. Both Kyle and Kurt, and for that matter Hamlin. If I drove and everyone booed me all the time I’d be obnoxious too. It doesnt matter wether fans come to see him because they hate him or love him, they pay the same, and sad as it is, thats what racing is all about now, money, every track, every division everyplace. What a shame. I’d rather watch someone I didn’t especially care for but running up front, mixing it up, making excitemant than to watch someone I love running in the middle to rear of the field every week. And if i owned the track, I’d quote every comment he made so you would hate him even more and come to watch him even more, hoping he wrecks, like he did last night. Yes everyone hates him, but the sport needs him.

I agree with Fenton, Kyle has talent but he is a jerk. You are right about love or hating the drivers, thats what puts butts in the seats. And Kyle isn’t obnouxus because he is booed he is booed because he is obnoxious. Bob…

Yeah, you may be right but the results are the same.