All you late model Buffs.

Get you wistles whetted, I am dumpimg the 1985 Seafest in my editor. It will probably be tomorrow before it gets on the board. Jimmy I just wanted to let you know. I found it. Thanks Bob…

Can’t wait to see it!! Thanks for posting the race from Sunshine. It was amazing to watch how good Butch Miller had that car turning through the corners.

Thanks, Bob :wink:

RaceFan, as far as I can remember, that was the first year they allowed the V6, and Miller and Trickle were the only ones with them. With the weight break they got for running the V6, them things just stuck to the bottom. Watch that video again and you’ll see both Trickle and Miller running on the very bottom all night long.

You are welcome!

I enjoy them myself Jimmy. I am glad to share what I can. At some point I guess I need to think about generating a little income with them but for now just enjoy. I have the pit shots uploading now. they should be don around 4:30 or so. I have to do it in segments, other wise it takes so long to upload. Bob…

Th b mains are about 1 hour away.

What the heck is a B-Main?? LOL