The Orange Blossom

What cars will be at the Orange Blossom tomorrow night ?

Gonna give it a try

We will be there with the #12 Super, Steve Weaver Jr.
We went to the Brighthouse at NSS two weeks ago with a brand new T10 transmission, and broke a drive shaft U-joint in practice. It broke the drive shaft, the starter, the shifter, the bellhousing, the rear end yoke, and craked the transmission housing. We had to put all the old Munsie stuff back in and get a new drive shaft, rear end yoke, and bellhousing, but fixed the starter. Hopefully, we can have some fun.

Good luck Steve!!


#92 Dick Anderson
#96 Ben Kennedy
#36 Tim Russell

Will update if I hear anymore… Have done a lot of asking but will start now and do my best to keep updated up til qualifying tomorrow.

The 12 of Scott McKinley will be there :wink:

four cars

Oh boy I’ll get off work race home take a shower wait for the wife and drive the 100 miles pay 40 bucks to get in buy a tank of gas and dinner for that, Yeah that ain’t gonna happen.


#12 David Green (Drawdy Car)
#22 Dusty Cornelius
#73 Sam Watts

be careful!!

Boneman will bad mouth you for being negative!!

Speaking of butting in with your two cents… Isn’t that you were accusing Rex of?

Sorry… someone asked a question and I don’t think the smart-ass comments were warranted but what do I know…

Anyhow… Here is an updated list of who will be there from the top of my head…

#12 Steve Weaver
#12 David Green
#12 Scott McKinley
#18 Jared Allison
#22 Dusty Cornelius
#28 Mark Adams
#32 Michael Williams
#73 Sam Watts
#75 Marty Pierce
#80 Brian Finney
#89 Jimmy Crowe
#92 Dickie Anderson
#96 Ben Kennedy

Again, will update as I hear more.

Hey tuna if he does badmouth me I will handle it like any normal guy would if I can’t bust someones balls every now and then I don’t need him around. Why don’t you turn in your man card and do us all a favor.