Jack Miller... One of the Best

[B][I]I just read on Florida Sprint Car Fans that my old friend Jack Miller is not doing well. As some may know Jack was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which is now determined to be terminal. Jack was one of if not the best announcers this sport has ever heard and the Sprint car world was blessed with his knowledge and voice. Please let Jack know everyone in the Florida racing world is thinking about him by dropping him a card.

Jack & Louise Miller

12712 Silver Dollar Dr.

Odessa, FL 33556

Once again thanks to Florida Sprint Car Fans for the update.[/I][/B]

Heard and saw him at Golden Gate in its second go-round in the early '80s. Still remember the "Holy COW!"s and the "WOW!"s. Him and Dickie Edwards were two of the best, along with MacMillan and Bob Schmidt over at St. Pete.

Here’s a good story about Jack Miller. Tony Stewart did something really neat for Jack and Louise Miller that is included in this article:


Jack Miller

That was a great story and I for one am glad you posted it.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jack on 3 or 4 different occasions. In my opinion he is the best announcer i have ever worked with. The first time was at the Fairgrounds Speedway here in Tampa when Jack Nowling promoted it, then on and off at East Bay during the Nationals.

Jack i wish you the best, not only are you a great announcer, your a good person and a friend. Hang in there.

Rick Day

jack hope you and louise are doing ok

i remember you very well . you brought lot of pleasure to all racers and fans john darvaue -dickie edwards - oscar norton dick nelson-jack brady and i can’t think who else was suppose to go to big race don nerone said you and him was going but i think you all backed out any way get well ron abney sr