[SIZE=“5”][B]Congrats Joe on your 2nd place
finish last night at the OB -100!


Hey Fenton you forgot David and Dickie.

The old guys showed 'em how to do it last night…

Would have been great if Dickie could have finished 3rd. The combined age of the top 3 driver would have been 180? 190? Great to see those guys still racing.

[SIZE=“4”]Naw, I didn’t forget them.

However, Joe was the only one of that group that
as a kid used to save up his lunch money from school
just to come watch me race at the Gate so I singled
him out for a high five.


Jim Fenton

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comments! Had a Fun Night… you should come with us sometime! Oh yeah, I know Friday nights are hard… It’s free pudding and movie night at the home…

As far as the lunch money comment, I am pretty sure, I had not even started school when you were racing! No really any time you want to go, just let me know I will come and sign you out of the home…

Your Buddy - Joe