OSW last night

I bought everyone of the yankees and their crew that came down and put on the sportsman race at Osw last night a t shirt except the driver of the #20 sportsman.


sorry to hear about that Edm . a couple months ago when those guys came down they were at citrus . you could easily tell what type of drivers they were by just looking at the yellow car and the orange # 20 . you could not find a spot ANYWHERE on either car that wasnt bent , crashed or tore up . then when they raced in the 50 lapper they were all over the place in everybodys way . hope you didnt get torn up too bad , sure is a nice lookin caddy !

EDM, I have to say, that is one cool looking hot rod. Was sorry to see you get tangled up with the 20, not once, but twice.

Thank you, I’ll take credit for the first one. I didn’t expect him to slow down that much and if I hit the brakes any harder I would have been in the wall.

There was a #20 Home Depot Sportsman at Columbia a few weeks ago. Thought he was there for show till the races started and there he was with us.Even has the name ‘smoke’ above the door.
He got tangled up with me and a few others before leaving the race. Loaded his car and left without payout or anything.
Wonder if it was the same car?

nope , not the same one Jim , not even close ! the one at lake city was actualy a real nice car , inside and out .


all of Ed’s body panels fall off within the first 5 laps of the race; Ed blames other driver.

waaaaaaiiiiit a second, is this current events or a report from last year? :aetsch013:

i didn’t get to see any of it because i was helping Rex out in the tech shed. better luck next time, Ed.

maybe you’ll start alternating between winning and wrecking?