Old Golden Gate photos 1

I have a small collection of post card/photos from the old souvenier shop at Golden gate. Most are popular drivers that I can identify but a few are ones I bought as a young 1st or second grader and just liked the picture.
I had tried to post pics in the past but the thing kept saying the file was too big. But I just posted one on the post about Jimmy Alvis jr and it worked. So maybe Dave westerman or some of you other older than me guys can identify them so I can know who they are after all these years.

More ?

Let me know if you want to see the popular ones too.
I’ll post them if you guys want to see them.
Mostly late 60’s early 70’s

Keep 'em coming!
I love the old pics, way better than the typical bickering that has become way too popular on Karnac.

Old Photos

Yes Sir Keep Them Coming …
Thanks A Bunch Jim

Still no ID on this group ?:question:

[SIZE=“4”]I’ll take a swing at it;

#10 - George Pinner
#28 - Buddy Page
#51 - Either Jack Caffee or Aubrey Woosley[/SIZE]

Thanks Jim,
I’ll trust your memory for those names.
Just wanted to put some names to the pictures for future reference.
Good thing you’ve got a memory like an Elephant.
At least that’s what they say.:slight_smile:

Jim’s got a mind like a steel trap. Me too, but mine is rusted shut!