Did you notice that FASCAR...

Did you notice that FASCAR filled up two tracks last Saturday night? I was at Orlando, and they had a typical Crash A Rama crowd. It looked like all the seats were full, including the main stands and the back straight, and there were fans lining the fence in the corners.

I was told that NSS had a good solid crowd also. Consistently they have been much stronger than OSW.

It just illustrates that there are enough race fans in the area, and we can’t settle for the terrible turn-outs that happen too often.

all dads free admission . now if they can start giving something back to the racers to entice them back .

Unfortunately Boney, the people at OSW were not “race fans”…

OSW was packed with fans who paid $20 to be entertained. Who was it that said we are in the entertainment business, not the racing business? Was it Humpy Wheeler?

Just need more “entertainment” on a regular Friday… The Boneman can only do so much!!