Snoco FAST at New Smyrna 7/1

More than 30 late model entries are expected for the 7/1 Clyde Hart Memorial 100-lap event at New Smyrna Speedway. The FAST website ( has the two-day schedule and a list of entries confirmed so far.

I see Mike Fritts on the entry list… anybody know what car he is driving? Bobby Sears listed on the additional entries??? Bobby hasn’t raced in several years… Maybe he figures if Dickie can do it, he can too!!!
One name missing… David Rogers… Can’t believe he’d pass up the Clyde Hart…

I see Rich is entered and he normally drives Bobby’s car unless Bobby has two cars now.

I get the impression Rogers isnt all that interested in a “blended” LM series. Much less, one Wayne is vested in.

Saw Rogers headed out of town towards Pensacola the other day…Hope he does well. I ran into his car owner the other day at a sub shop. What an awesome guy. We ended up talking for over an hour about David and his career. Talked about the old Volusia County days and the year he won it all. Won all the features at VCS including the finale againist Richie Bickle, Jack Sprauge and Freddie Query…

Bobby Sears is probably going after the big Start & Park money!!!

Mike Fritt’s seems to be in Frankie Grill’s 86 tonight at Pensacola. Don’t know if that translates to New Smyrna next week.

The 86 is Chet Morrison’s car out of LA I believe… Wouldn’t be surprised to see Mike in that car… Chet is a really nice guy…
Hey dd38, you ought to go for some of that “start n’ park” money… I hear Carl Long is available… So is Bobby Labonte!

Dave, Unfortunatly I won’t be here. Going to Tenn. Wednesday for a few weeks.