orlando speedworld scoreboard

Did Todd and boneman get it done?

hah. so it’s “my” responsibility know?

I thought you and boneman was going to get-r-done??

maybe fix the one at nss while your at it , it isnt " working " either .

I thought you and boneman was going to get-r-done??

you never have paid very good attention to detail.

a - Mark never answered the last several questions i put to him about the scoreboard
b - nobody has made a peep since i suggested that they hand the control panel to Rex, to transfer it too me
c - i’m not going to put ANY further effort into this until the panel is in my hands
d - Rex is only in this because i “volunteered” him
e - IF i ever get the control panel and figure out how to get this up and running again it WON’T be “free”.
f - the scoreboard has been down for YEARS now. this is clearly not a major priority for FASCAR. why should it be for me?

Mark did say that Rusty spent quite a bit of money having the scoreboard proper rewired. if the electrician he had working on it was worth a damn, that ought to ready to go right now. all they should be waiting on is some sort of functional control panel.