Free Ticket For The Daytona Nationwide Race

I have one free comp ticket to the Fri. Nationwide race at DIS… Must see me either at New Smyrna tonite or stop by the ISC Archives tomorrow before 3PM… Either e-mail or call at 386-681-6717.

At The Last Minute—

Thank You, Mr. AnnouncrDave–
I was the lucky recipient of the FREE ticket to the Friday Night races at the Big track.

Off of the jobsite I was, and laying on the couch at 6:00 Pm for an 8:00Pm race, gave a shout out to Frass118 to see if he wanted to take a stab at the big Race in Daytona.

Bingo! And we trolled along to Lot#7, which was in Jacksonville, Fl, seemingly, and ran up and down the isles of millions of cars in the gigantic lot to locate to your automobile, and retrieve the Ticket in the secret location of your car: the winshield wiper blade.
No criminal mastermind could have ever cracked that code! LOL. Good one.

Free parking it was, and shuttle bus to the drop-off area, and another 1/2
mile walk to the Track.
But, better things happened…like the Sweedish Bikini Team, and the Hawiian Tropic Girls intoduced themselves to us, and stuck to us like glue throughout the entire event. What a night.

I can’t thank you enough, and because of this great night, the next one is on me.

Glad you guys had a good time… The race was OK and the finish looked to be a bit contrived in favor of Jr., but I guess they sold a whole buncha that Little E Wrangler merchandise!!
I’ll go back to the Firecracker when they start running it at 10-11AM like the used to… Ridiculous to get the race over after 1AM, but at least it DID finish on the 4th of July!!