WOW! Thanks to teh Model Car Man!

I just cant believe I have a Model so exact to what real car is, just awesome. Thank you so much Mr. Smallwood for the model. I just want to post some pics to show everyone how talented Ricky is.


more pics!!


Wow! That came out great!

That’s what I’m saying :cool008:

Ricky does a good job. He made one for me a year ago and it was awesome. It was my childhood hero Emil Reuitiman. The car was so true to the original I couldn’t believe it. Bob…


hell yeah…does it say hit-n-run on the back? i wonder if he can do my 29 car

Great Job

Looks better than the full size one. Try not to wreck this one William. .He does nice work.:ernaehrung004:


He even upgraded your WHEELS! Looking at one of the pic’s, I hope he added a little crossweight too! :slight_smile:

LOL SS29 damn one thing I forgot

Moe 15 as long as I can keep it away from a model derby car

RSB Oh yea I had Ricky put a bigger carb and some lead in the truck lol

it may not pass tech

Not enough dents…

Geez… I feel the love