"The Ladies of Demolition Derby" Airing July 22nd

Old Town, FL (July 9, 2010) “The Ladies of Demolition Derby” will officially air on July 22nd at 10 PM on TLC. If you love Demo Derbys and love to watch women go after women, this is the show you must see.

Remember, July 22nd at 10 pm “The Ladies of Demolitoin Derby” airs on TLC.

I Think You Will Keep Us Up To Date With This


So it’s a two car demo Chuck Rush VS Boneman.

Do you consider Boneman and Chuck “ladies”??? Yes Moe, I promised to post when the show would air and I kept my promise. If I find out more, I will definitely let you know.

Have a great weekend, it is going to be a HOT one!!!

CRASH A RAMA series for real demolition derbys

That would be fun to watch at least. GO TO CRASH A RAMA series to see some demolition derby clips. They were not hitting like girls either. NEW home of the demolition derby cup.:ernaehrung004:

Promise Me This

Just a question Jane. Who did you promise? Its good to keep them. Have a nice day you promise keeper you.:ernaehrung004:

Hey Moe, Someone from Bithlo bought my last two cars and says he is coming after you with them. I told him good luck with that. Ray #62

:)Moe, I had quite a few e-mails when I originally wrote the release on the show and promised these people I would definitely let them know when it was going to air. Plus there were a few posts under comments where I posted the story asking for the same thing. I like to keep my promises if at all possible and yes, I did read about your demo thing also. Good luck with it too.

You know me, I am not trying to start any war and everything is good. There is Crash-A-Rama Series and Team Car Warz and lots of individual track crash and bashes. They all do well which does state that people like these things. Just too bad and sad that alot of them don’t like regular every weekend stock car racing, wish they did.

Didn’t make it to your Crash A Rama in June but maybe the last one. Actually, except for the Orange Blossom 100 and I think I saw you there, I have not been to any track for awhile. Just taking a break and doing more leg work behind the scenes and getting my dirt site going plus I just acquired Dirt Track News and not sure yet what I want to do with that one. Maybe we should make it a dirt Crash-A-Rama site since I am sure there are dirt tracks that also do this. What do you think on that one??

Have a good weekend Moe and don’t overheat, it is way too hot outside right now to do much at all. Would love some rain but I think Merritt Island is allergic to rain!!!:slight_smile:

Best Demo Ever

Moe 15 vs. Chuck “The Junkyard Dog” Rush

one on one
I’d pay a pretty penny for that one lololol:aetsch013:

Dog Days Of Summer.

That old dog was never in my league. Left before I could do any damage.BUT ANY TIME.ANY DAY. ANY WHERE…:ernaehrung004:

It wasn’t Chuck who bought my cars, some dude from bithlo who works at a car crushing place. I’d rather see Moe vs Mark Dewayne any day. Ray #62

that old dog just barks from inside the dog house now lolol:anim_buttkick: