open wheels at citrus

Lb Skags the 100 lap race at citrus at 11 cars still on tech .

Congrats LB

L B Skaggs was found illegal, motor was too big for what he claimed for weight.

Robbie Cooper is your winner of the Larry MacMillan 100. A really great night, 32 modifieds took a qualifiying time, ended up with 24 of the best the state had to offer for the feature.

Thanks for update

Thanks Polesitter

I was just going to post that I heard Cooper won after he was Dq’d in tech,

Glad you all had a great race

polesitter 61

Polesitter 61 Man i would like to take the time and thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this race, man you did a GREAT JOB, and your right you had the best OWM drivers the state has to offer and by the way pretty cool idea for the MADHOUSE restart for the last 50 laps… for those of you that couldnt attend that was one HELLUVA DIG!


L B Skaggs

is that one of the “Donut Skaggs” boys that got barred from OSW?

Come on T-mac, pay a little more attention. You are confusing L.B. Skaggs with Chris Staggs.

An the great part about it there will be video available soon. Bob…

Yeah John, you did a great job with the night. Well done. Sorry I never got a chance to catch the Boneman or T-Mac. Apparently I missed the roof signing also. :frowning: Tony, thanks for the hello on the way by in the golf cart. It was a great field and not a bad race. The track didn’t develop the second groove, which was a little disappointing, but I have to give the track credit. They put rosin on the track before the feature to try to get one. That’s not cheap either, so WTG Citrus. It was really great to see Jack Smith back at the track. You have no idea how happy that made me.
Pictures should be posted sometime Tuesday. Video is in the mail for Bob to edit.

Sorry I missed you Winger, but you are one busy dude on race nights. Straight up brought that crazy roof; I’ll get the pictures up!

Whoo Hooooo

:huepfen024:Yep, That was definetly a good evening of racing. I must say, i was thrown for a loop about the “Madhouse/Cone choice” restart. When was that decided? was it at the drivers meeting or at the break? If anyone could clarify?
I think it really shifted the back end of the race quite a bit. Thankfully, someone finally stepped up and did something different. Now, if we could just get a full draw on the field instead of a short order invert, that would be cool.
As it has been posted, that was a class of guys out there not only showing their respect for Larry and the racing community but also putting on a decent show. I am still beside myself the Jerry S. couldn’t come through. I expected him in the top 12 of qualifing. I guess some nights are good, others are bad. I was happy to hear that there was 30+ mods showing up. I still think they could have ran 28 and still made a good show.
I was awaiting for a “Big One” to happen within the first 2 laps, but it did not happen and that just shows the sportmanship and respect these guys have for each other and this sport. The freight train got a little boring at times but that not their fault, it’s just the tracks groove. My hats off to those that tried the outside. The biggest mover i saw was Richie Smith. By lap 20 or 30 he was already from last to 15th. I don’t know what happened to him in the final 50 but he just left the surface. Don’t know if the “Madhouse” restart had anything to do with it or if he broke. He basically lost quite a bit of what he gained during the first half before the green fell for laps 49 - 100 due to that restart formula. Good job Richie for what you did accomplish.
The Nelson kid was having a good night and held off some heavy hitters for awhile (Cooper and Jefferson). All in all, it was a good night. Once i saw that this race was on the schedule, i made sure i took a vacation day to attend. Larry was a great aquaintence of mine over the past 20 years i have lived in Citrus County. We always talked shop and he definetly was able to give me an education about some of the history in Florida motorsports. He was always cordial and kind. Heck, he even invited me in the booth a few times to go side by side with him. Out of respect, i declined. I felt that was kind of hallowed ground of his. Basically, i didn’t want to screw up and embarass myself or him. Thinking back now, i should have taken him up on the offer. I think i could have kept up with him. It was an honor to attend his Memorial Race. I hope it becomes an annual thing at Citrus with maybe a few more add ons (50 or 100 more laps, the draw, cone restart, expanded field, etc.) I will be awaiting next years schedule and if this is on it, so is a vacation day for me. Great job to all involved. Larry is absolutely smiling:)

You are confusing L.B. Skaggs with Chris Staggs.

ah, Skaggs vs Staggs. gotcha.

in my opinion…

there is not a closer, more caring group of guys than the OWM drivers! they are not only exciting racers but the kindest most giving guys anywhere. every single memorial race have been a huge success… every single race is exciting as hell, and every single guy i know that races an OWM are so deep in my heart … tony carreno hasnt been in the OWM group as long as some of the others but he jumped in feet first and has been a force… a great force… he is always there when needed, he is one of the few drivers who will post on the boards. the reason is because he is real, he is helpful, he is respected. his wife is special. cheryl “stands by her man”… she is never too busy to help. there are others but i dont want to be up all night braggin!
i thank the OWM guys for all they do for this sport… for their friendship, for their love and for their generosity…
God bless and keep you all safe and happy… you sure deserve it…:ernaehrung004:
carolwicks aka OZ aka Mommy

The “Madhouse” style restart for the second 50 was an idea I was playing with in my head Friday night. I had purchased the big orange cone over a month ago and was just waiting for a good time to use it, this seemed to fit the bill. I proposed it to the drivers at the drivers meeting, I told them I wanted a unanimous vote because it was not part of the original format. I got 32 drivers hands up in the air voting yes, so we tried it out.

Had Skaggs not been disqualified, it would have won them the race, he was the first one to jump to the outside from 5th or 6th spot. He took the lead and never looked back for the second 50, it just didn’t work out for him in tech.

It was an amazing night, thanks to all the came and made this a great event. Larry was a big part of my racing career, he always made me feel like I was a superstar, even when I was just a small fish…in a big pond :slight_smile:

Kudos to you

Polesitter: thanks for the info and great job for making the idea of the cone become a reality. I think that says alot in itself when 32 drivers agree with the concept and are willing to take the chance with it. That would have been the move of the race if the 71 was legal. I’m sure some will take note of that around these parts and might decide to toy with it for at their respected races. You should be given high props for introducing it and making it work. I bet the cone becomes a new part of some tracks regular saturday night programs and i would say we have you to thank for taking that chance. Also, thank you for what you did for Larry. Again, it was an honor to know him and i will never forget him. As i stated earlier, i can’t wait for round 2.
Side note, i believe BGS does the cone thing once a month and it happens at every caution during the running of their respected feature. Maybe some one should try it in a lower end class just to see how it works. Hell, if you got all the OWM drivers to agree, i bet it could really take off in other classes. Could be interesting.