Boneman at Citrus ?

Looked at the results/points from Citrus and was surprised by running across
a first time visitor. How did you like the track ? That one always gave me trouble. Only got to race there during FMSC days , and it was SO different
from Sunshine that I never really got a good finish there.

Can’t complain too much, I got to race at the track where the pits were full and the atmosphere was very cheerful, even though my performance left lots of room for improvement! In fact, two things happened to me that rarely occur, but everything seemed to go wrong at the same time last night.

I missed practice, but the track graciously gave me a few laps at intermission. Gotta agree with BVS40FL, Citrus is a different breed of track, but we’re racers so we have to learn all kinds of different arrangements.

I had a hard time hooking up to that track; I guess I need time to tune tires, springs, etc.

We had 14 cars, and I started 13’th. In lap 1, a bunch of guys right in front of me got all crossed up coming off turn 2. I had to llift to avoid them, so the only car on the track that was behind me managed to punt me around and into the grass. Here is where things really went wrong: my car, which always starts dependably, refused to turn over, and then rapidly over-heated. The green stayed out, so I was stuck in the infield with a gyser blowing out of the over-flow and a car that won’t start. Woo hoo!

10 laps later, there was finally a yellow and the wrecker push started me. The engine temperature came right down, so I lined up last to get some laps in. I managed to pass a couple of the regulars and ended up close behind some decent cars, so it wasn’t a total disaster. Then somehow I got a flat LR tire on the pit exit lane; the perfect end to a perfect race.

I got to park next to Tony Carreno, one of the organizers of the Larry McMillian 100 lap race. He also owned the car that finished second. This team gets get the whole racing thing: Tony was there with lots of familly and friends, they were relaxed and happy, but were very competitive when it was time to race. Good job y’all!

Gotta thank my buddys Todd McCreary and “Straight Up”, who both toiled in the heat on my car and made my night much easier and more fun!

Its cool to see Jack Smith prowling the pits again and looking good.

Thanks to Citrus for long, hot, noisey and very satisfying night at the races!

And the coolest thing Rex is we have video of it so you can relive the night over and over!!! Bob…

well boneman it was a pleasure to pit next to you guys last night. And yea we do try to have fun and bring friends and family because if u cant have some fun you need to find another hobby. and by the way i didnt really have nothing to do with the larry macmillan race. i think you have to give thanks to polesitter 61 he put alot of time and effort into this race good job john!
thanks straightup with your help with the car also, got to meet the one and only infamous good for nuttin “todd mccreary”’ finally good to put a name with Da Face, i think.


finally good to put a name with Da Face, i think.

yep. now you know who to avoid. that bald, crazy looking guy with an evil glint in his eye.

Tony is agreat people! I met along time ago when I worked with a guy at a For dealer that was friends with him, went motorcycle riding camping alot of things. Very fun but serious about racing! And he has Jefferson driving his car. hope to see him at the track again…