Yahoooooooo Spain !!!

Spain beat the Netherlands in overtime to win their first world cup championship in soccer! Sure was exciting… 1-0
not racing but is world news!
carol aka oz

Who Cares???

who cares. soccer sucks:mad:

well u sure dont!

roflllllllll there are millions of soccer fans and im sure many are racing enthusiasts. if you wrote a post about something you think newsworthy i would never be that rude but thats the way it goes sometimes…lol

Karnac mommy,

Want to share some recipes ? I got an excellent tuna casserole.

hahahahaha, just kidding.


had a tuna sandwich for dinner… yummy!

Soccer !!! Arrrrgh !!

Now you’ve found my one weakness. My hatred for soccer.

They play for 90 minutes and they can’t put a 12" ball in a 20’ net ?

Basketball players put a 12" ball in a 14" net HUNDREDS of times a game.

Can you imagine the outrage if the super bowl went 4 quarters with NO SCORE and then during overtime they kicked a field goal and the final score was 3 - 0 ?

How about a 500 mile nascar race with NO PASSES. Just driving around in qualifying order lap after lap . Then a green , white , checker finish as the second place guy moves around the first place guy.

Let the rest of the world have it people !!!
“Oh what great atheletes they are” you say
Sure… but what a waste of time .
Do you realize a soccer player probably scores less goals in a career than a basketball player scores in a single game ?

ARRRRGH I hate soccer !!!

And let me beat Boneman to the punch .

Boneman says " Tell us how you really feel BEAVIS ":mad::mad::mad:

They play for 90 minutes and they can’t put a 12" ball in a 20’ net ?

as with hockey, the problem is goalies.

you want scoring? get rid of the goalies and institute a “paint” rule like they have in basketball. you’d need to make the goal smaller but scoring would skyrocket.