Karting at Disney Speedway

Monday the 26th is coming fast, we need your support to make this a regular event. Going forward we want to get the racers input on what day would be best to race. We’d like to do this event on a regular basis, with different course layouts, ovals (we made a really fun Disney shaped Tri-Oval) and race formats. Come and check it out, Monday at 6pm. Spots are filling up, but there is still room for more racers.

scratches head

i have no idea what you’re talking about?

Here you go, from my earlier post. My apologies for not referencing myself…

New Karting Event @ Disney Speedway

Knowing that certain members of this board enjoy a little wheel to wheel Karting action, I thought this event might interest some folks:

On July 26th the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World? SPEEDWAY will hold our first ever High Performance Karting Shootout!

Get behind the wheel of our 9-horsepower High Performance Karts and see if you have what it takes to master our karting track at speeds reaching 40mph! Drivers will compete in a bracket format, advancing through each round until the Champion is determined from the Main Event Feature.

$50.00 Per Person Drivers must be 16 years or older. Restrictions Apply

Drivers will receive a Safety/Instructional Briefing, and be fitted with a Driving Suit and Helmet prior to driving.

Each Driver will compete in a minimum of:

? 1 - Practice/Qualifying Session
? 2 ? Heat Races

Qualifying will determine seeding for 1st Round of Heats, following Rounds determined by finishing order. Number of Heats will be adjusted based on number of Drivers.

Winner will receive a Rookie Experience from Richard Petty Driving Experience!

The event will start promptly at 6pm. Entry fee $60 on day of event. Call 1-800-BE PETTY to reserve your space. Competition is limited to 64 participants.

did they split up classes by weight? i wouldnt have a chance if i had to run against someone 50 lbs lighter

For this first event, no we aren’t splitting classes. I would love to have enough turnout to offer that option. If that is something the racers would like, going forward we can try it.

Honestly, with the karts we have and the tight, technical track we run I’ve seen guys with a 100-150lb weight difference beat smaller guys quite often. 50lbs. is really no big deal, if you are up on the wheel.

If you’re not sure, we’d still love to see you come check it out, and maybe race the next time.

Drivers will receive a Safety/Instructional Briefing, and be fitted with a Driving Suit and Helmet prior to driving.

any particular reason why you couldn’t bring your own firesuit and helmet?

too bad you scheduled this in the middle of Rex’s vacation, i’m sure he’d be there.

i haven’t been getting home from work til 4:30-6pm, so a Monday would pretty much require me to take a day off.

Hey pitcrew add three more to the list. I just signed myself and two other buddys up should be fun .

Anyone can wear their own firesuit/helmet as long as they meet our safety requirements. Full face helmet with shield, DOT or better. Full length firesuit, mostly for protection from dirt and debris.

If I had known Rex’s vacation plans I definitely would have scheduled accordingly, I was hoping he would be a big supporter.

Next time I am almost certain we will schedule for a Sunday afternoon. We will survey the drivers we get at this event and go from there.