Penalties handed down in Edwards/Keselowski incident

Edwards- 60 Driver points, $25,000 fine, probation until 12/31/2010. Roush received penalty also, 60 Owner points.

Keselowski- probation until 12/31/2010

Probation also applies to the Sprint Cup series

I am not a fan of either driver. I think Carl should have gotten a 200 point deduction. I would have also given him a $300,000 - $400,000 fine to be distributed fairly to the owners of the cars he wasted.

fines , points , so what ? the only thing that will get their attention is making them sit out of any nascar sanctioned racing events for a few weeks . which will get their sponsors attention as well .

I agree with straight up, better yet, make them pay for new cars to the other teams that got wrecked after the fact. Your throwing $20 dollar fines to millionaires that won’t get the point across to these think heads.

Having to give up their cars or pay for new cars for the smaller struggling teams they keep hurting and NASCAR keeps ignoring might get a point across to them. I don’t really care for either driver so having them sit out of both cup and bush or what ever they call the cup light series now would give the best message to them and their car owners.

And to think, last year ya’ll were complaining about NASCAR being boring…

I like watching them crash - at least I’m honest. Don’t get me wrong, I like good close racing more - but if crashes were not so popular - they would not replay them on TV time after time.