TBARA Winged Sprints invade Orlando Speeworld and New Smyrna Speedway this weekend !

Come see the TBARA Winged Sprints Friday night at Orlando Speedworld and Saturday Night at New Smyrna Speedway this weekend !

Go to www.orlandospeedworld.org or www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org for all the information !

Just want to double check - features start at 8:00? Does everything start at 7:00?

I haven’t been to OSW in a while and I want to make sure I’m there in time to see the TBARA heat races.

Also - what’s the admission charge? I hope it’s not more than $15.



OSW has always started at 8PM forever. Mr. Keelor has scolded me that TBARA is always $20.00, unless something is different.
Anyway, it should be a good show, nonetheless.