Attention All Sunshine Speedway History Buffs

[SIZE=“4”]O.K. all you Sunshine Speedway history aficionados out there.

Check out this kewl Late Model from back in the day and tell
me who was the owner and primary wheel man.

The Thirty-Aught-6


fenton bet most folks never heard of shorty try that poll had to be rasied at sunshine to know him p,s last time i saw that car running it had head lights tail lights an was going down eastbay drive on the way to willows diner

Fenton, I was gonna say Scarborough, but looks like somebody beat me to it :wink:

In fact, our car made into pic #3 that you posted :wink:

i can remember him sitting in the stands to young to get in the pits

just missed the frist race by a few monthes an made the last race been there a long time a shame its gone thanks bonnie an frank great job leo must be really proud of all his hard work

[SIZE=“4”]Hey Sports Fans.

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