60 year old rookie

how many thinks a 60 year old man should be given a chance to race with out anyone telling him that he cant :fragend005:

That depends on what he is racing. A TBARA sprint? No way. A short-track car in a beginner or hobby class? Heck yeah!

just say strickly stock last time id checked that was a class 4 rookies

As long as he can get in and out of that racecar, he should be able to race. Didn’t Granny start in her 60’s racing. And once knew a Classic car driver I think that was in his late 80’s and he raced. Also seen a few 50 year olds who have started racing so nothing is wrong with it. Why, is your dad going to race?? If so, tell him I said good luck but I see nothing wrong with an older person racing. Heck, Dave Jarrett ran his Outlaw Bandolero and now he has a DAARA car and still loves to race it and does pretty darn good for himself.

yes she did ive been researching and hell dick anderson is 62 and still kicking butt david rogers is in his 50’s and still winning heck look at morgan shepard and the great buzzie 00

Totally depends on physical health - mental health don’t matter. :aetsch013:

hershell mcgriff is 83 - still bad and i can’t think

of the guys that ran the old timers nascar race they were still bad - sam ard - buzzie ruiettman -perry lovelady and i could go on and on but i have seen some people that can’t even ride a bycycle

word of advice if your dad is 60 and has never drove a race car before take him to a dirt track when they are having a fan patipacipation race and let him try that out first

tell to come out of corner stick it to floor just before he drives off in corner wide open burp it lift for just second get it side ways get in groove shove it to floor drive off into other corner as far as he can keep good line get side ways and keep it fast

it it still has tires and fenders on it help him build a race car try asphalt also

Ron, seriously…you should tell him to “lift off the throttle” at the end of the straight. If you tell a 60 year old to “burp it”, well you can fill in the blanks but I am sure it won’t help him get in the corner.

Jack Duffy!

dont forget him. still racing in TQ midgets and staying up front. he is about 75… one time he flipped a couple times on the front stretch and landed upside down. he was yelling at the guys" flip this damn thing over so i can race" hahaha
he is a fun and amazing man…
carolwicks aka oz

As long as your dad’s health is good and the doctor says he is fine, tell him to go for it. Just stay in the rear for awhile and get the feeling of the car and the track. Once he does that, then he will do better and better each time. Your dad is not the first 60 year old that has decided he wants to race, that I am sure of. Just be smart and learn first.

Just tell him I said have fun, stay safe and let me know when he is going to race so I can come and see him. I am sure he will do just fine. People know the first time they race if they have it or not. Some don’t want to race after that first race, they find out it is just not for them and some are addicted for the rest of their life.

But as long as his health is good and the doc says okay to race, tell him to go for it.

Miss you guys - Jane

Harvey Jones was still winning late model track championships in his mid 70s