Congratulations Boneman!!

On your top five finish in the Mini Stocks at OSW last nite!! LOL

I’ll tell you a few good things about racing at Orlando. Because the car count is low, I seldom put a scratch on the car. I get lots of practice too, even on a Friday afternoon.

Last night we only had 4 mini stocks. Pretty bad, but the fact is all of us were well matched, so and we had a close and very competitive race.

Orlando is a heck of a track: the speed is high and there is room to pass and to race cleanly. I won’t kick it while it is down.

And yes, we all get top 5 finishes, even the guy who finished 4’th.


Help me here, are you just screwing with Boneman or is there a deeper message within your post to discredit OSW ?

Just messin’ with Boney…

Just left the pits at Auburndale and we have 11 Mod Minis and still an hour until race time… Hurry up Boneman… we get a dozen and there’s two heats!!

The weather scared me off today…I was thinking about it!